Oil price, PetroTal, Far, Remus. And finally…

Oil powers on, up again today WTI is up 82 cents and Brent over a dollar up at $64.43, even Sea Lion goes at this price...!It was all about the storms in the US which now run from Dallas to Boston and are here to stay. Even the Houston Ship Canal was shut last night... PetroTal has completed its $100m bond issue which puts it in a very strong position to reorganise the debt and invest in the Bretana field growth. Far is on the receiving end of another Non-Binding offer this time from Lukoil and I look at Remus Petroleum who have been involved in both these companies recently.

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Oil price, Hunting, Echo, Far, Trinity, Cairn, Petrofac, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains steady after a positive set of inventory stats yesterday. Today the first major winter storms have hit the North East of the US with three feet of snow in places. I have upgraded my 2021 oil price forecasts in line with the bucket list yesterday, I'm now at $55. Hunting have a trading update today, everything is in line with expectations. Cairn has announced a 32p special divvi and Echo have secured a new contract in Argentina. Far has received a potential 2.1c bid from Remus who appeared on the Petrotal shareholder list this week. Trinity has signed an MOU with the Trinidad & Tobago NGC and I report on yesterday's PFC statement. Finally I interviewed Brian Durrant of Unite Oil & Gas yesterday.

Oil price, Far, Jadestone. And finally RIP Graham Cowdrey.

Oil continues to rise, Brent is $45 this afternoon as the vaccine, Opec+, Asian demand data and even the inventory stats are creating a perfect storm, even G Sachs are helping by cutting their oil price forecasts...I look at Far who have sold Senegal WI today and Jadestone who are looking good after an encounter with Inpex in arbitration. Finally we mourn the early loss of our friend Graham Cowdrey at the age of 56. RIP

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Oil price, Far, San Leon, IGas. And finally…

Oil and markets fall on the IMF downing GDP forecasts and a rise in COVID-19 cases. Inventory stats showed a modest build in crude but again a solid draw in gasoline stocks and demand. Far Gambia has signed up a JOA in respect of Blocks A2 and A5 with Petronas and is in process of a farm-out for part of its own stake.San Leon have figures and the amount that this company pays out is making it, in my view a very credible investment especially for retail investors. IGas has continued to carefully monitor its resources and is also cutting costs from a position of strength.

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Oil price, Far, Savannah, Union Jack. And finally…

Oil has drifted, little news from oil but the knock-on effect of an increase in the COVID-19 has taken its toll slightly. Savannah has extended its results until July due to COVID in its operations but gives a strong update to end May. Far are waiting on the operator of their Senegal asset as they reduce capex but for the time being Far are in technical default. Solo have also had local problems on delivering results but also say that they are in a strong position at the moment. Union Jack has swooped for a 3% stake in Biscathorpe taking them to 30% of this exciting project. Finally Petrofac has seen adverse reaction to the virus and the oil price but they are cutting costs and look very strong longer term.

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Oil price, Far, SDX. And finally…

Oil continues its sporting run, April 20th with its negative oil price seems like a long time passed. The July WTI expires with both it and the new August contract over $40. Despite newspaper rumours Woodside reiterates that the Sangomar Field Development Phase 1 remains on track for 2023 'in line with previous guidance' so Far and Cairn are both helped by this news. SDX has another update and in Egypt and Morocco the news is good subject of course to drilling and testing.

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Oil price, RockRose, Ascent, Far, Aminex, Rockhopper

Oil is rallying today as we head into May, it is however only very early days with regard to this process. RockRose has an AGM statement and costs continue to fall, the company remains in a strong position. Ascent has signed up more potential acreage in Cuba where opportunities look very interesting and has raised £212,500 as part of the programme. Far continues to manage Sangomar where without its debt finance it is aiming to farm-down all or part of its acreage. Aminex also comments that with its substantial free carry it can make considerable progress in Tanzania and in Pan-Africa. Finally Rockhopper announce that the HOT with Navitas re the Falklands is still in play.

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