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Oil price, San Leon, Sundry

WTI $103.74 +34c, Brent $107.33 -13c, Diff $3.59 -47c, NG $4.62 -4c Oil price Trying to delay the blog a bit this morning in the hope that something may emerge but company news is a bit thin on the ground.

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Oil price, BP, Cairn, Genel, Essar, Caracal/Transglobe, Sundry and finally…

WTI $98.89 +69c, Brent $108.57 +1.18, Diff $9.68 +49c, NG $4.43 +4c Oil price The Ukraine dominates the news as one might imagine as people start to talk about sanctions and the like after yesterdays referendum. Renowned blogger Marcus Ashworth

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Oil price, San Leon, Nighthawk, Essar, Nostra Terra and finally…

WTI $102.58 +$1.02, Brent $109.00 +90c, Diff $6.42 -12c, NG $4.62 -4c Oil price The gains made by crude on Friday have all been washed away this morning following the Chinese export data numbers which at -1.6% for the first

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Oil price, Wood Report, BP, Gulf Keystone, Essar Energy, President, Fastnet and finally…

WTI $102.20 -55c, Brent $109.85 -45c, Diff $7.65 +27c, NG $6.14 +7c Oil price A little bit drifty on Friday after a number of late lectures at IP Week took their toll, not to mention the Vigo dinner…This morning oil

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Oil price, Petrofac, Kentz, Essar Energy, Dong and finally…

WTI $103.31 +88c, Brent $110.47 +6c, Diff $7.16 -87c, NG $6.15 +60c Oil price The differential narrows, again as support for WTI continues, it is in ‘rampant’ backwardation and the contract expires today. My trading spies tell me that despite

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Oil price, Occidental, Essar Energy, Lansdowne and Hydrocarbon Capital

WTI $100.30 -5c, Brent $108.73 n/c, Diff $8.43 +5c, NG $5.21 -1c Oil price Be first to spot the padding in todays issue, its Presidents Day so a holiday in the US and the start of IP Week where the

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