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Hurricane, Trinity, Hunting, Serica, Enteq

Hurricane has spudded the first of three wells in the Greater Warwick area, carried by Spirit. Trinity has an update which follows fast on the results statement but draws attention to the potential of the HAW rollout. Hunting are very much in line, still all guns blazing (!) in the onshore US but still slow offshore. Finally diehard followers of Enteq get a bit of good news, trading is buoyant.

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Eco Atlantic, Enteq Upstream

A rig booking for Eco and partners brings drilling in Guyana into sight, it will be an interesting summer. For Enteq things are clearly looking up, well deserved.

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Oil price, Sound, Echo, Zenith, Faroe/Cairn, Premier, Wentworth, Enteq And finally…

Oil prices rally on talk of 1.4m b/d cuts, Sound are at TD in Tendrara and Echo have an upbeat operational update. Zenith figures only the start if things go well this quarter and at Faroe and Cairn they have a success at Agar but Cairn has a duster at Ekland. Premier are operationally in fine form again with much to come, Catcher the star but Tolmount and Mexico looking exciting with appraisals upcoming. Wentworth are still being paid which is good but man cannot live on Mnazi Bay alone, over at Enteq things are improving for Martin Perry.

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Oil price, Enteq Upstream, Upland Resources, Block Energy And finally…

WTI $66.36 +26c, Brent $75.88 -58c, Diff -$9.52 -84c, NG $2.94 -1c Oil price Well, you can as they used to say, you pays your money and takes your choice with regard to what might happen in the oil market

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Rockhopper, President, Sundry-Enteq-Bahamas Petroleum- And finally…

WTI $46.46 +38c, Brent $48.72 +43c, Diff -$2.26 +5c, NG $2.97 -6c Oil price The oil price rallied yesterday on no particular reason, Opec production was up a little but mainly due to Nigeria and Libya who are outside the

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Oil price, Providence Resources, Hunting, Thalassa, Enteq Upstream, And finally…

WTI $53.40 +32c, Brent $56.23 +25c, Diff -$2.83 -7c, NG $3.15 -9c Oil price Well, it doesnt get much better than this at the moment and unless the EIA stats rain on oil’s current parade tonight then all should remain

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Oil price, Cape, President, Parkmead, Sundry-Enteq-Simon Hawkins-IGTV interview- And finally…

WTI $45.42 -15c, Brent $46.49 -14c, Diff -$1.07 +1c, NG $2.70 -6c Oil price Having started off well yesterday with good news from the Opec participants and Russia the market went into reverse when Mrs Yellen spoke suggesting December would

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Oil price, Enteq Upstream, COPL, And finally…

WTI $41.08 +$1.30, Brent $44.03 +$1.12, Diff $2.95 -18c, NG $2.09 +15c Oil price The oil price was up yesterday as you can see but overnight things have changed and as I write WTI is down $1.23 and Brent off

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Oil price, Hunting, Casa, Sundry-Nighthawk-Enteq- And finally…

WTI $41.75 -$1.18, Brent $44.06 -$1.75, Diff $2.31 -57c, NG $2.26 n/c Oil price Another bad day at the office for oil market bulls, the prices are now well back through the longer term moving averages and looking vulnerable to

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Oil price, BP, Schlumberger, Gulf Keystone, Sundry-WoodMack-Tullow-Enteq- And finally…

WTI $46.25 -$2.23, Brent $47.67 -$1.02, Diff $1.42 +$1.21, NG $3.16 -8c Oil price With no blog yesterday due to company meetings and an interview at IG Group, its always a bit of catch up although fortunately company news is

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