Oil price, Union Jack, Reabold, Egdon. And finally…

Oil is better today but weakened yesterday on the Indian virus numbers which were slightly down today. The Opec+ JMMC meeting is today, one day early and the JTC was yesterday and more positive on demand and stock draw. Union Jack have announced a shiny new website which does look very grown-up. Reabold have made a conditional offer to acquire Corallian shares and Egdon have provided interims to end January.

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Oil price, Union Jack/Egdon, PetroTal. And finally….

Oil celebrated a huge month by starting off March where it left off after a strong February. Union Jack and Egdon announce the submission of a Planning Application at Biscathorpe where I am confident it will beat earlier expectations. PetroTal has a new presentation which catches up on 2021 spend and 2020 reserves update.

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Oil price, Chariot, Angus, President, Echo. And finally…

After all the Hullabaloo oil was even last week, today however it has tipped upwards again. I look at Chariot who have signed a collaboration Agreement with Subsea Integration Alliance for Anchois. Angus Energy are positive after news that their loan has seen substantial subscription. President update on 2020 and give guidance for 2021 whilst Echo publish their bond restructuring details.

Oil price, San Leon, Union Jack/Egdon/Europa, Jadestone, UOG. And finally…

The oil market is quite placid at the moment, New York is hunkering down for the big storm on the way. San Leon is back on track with the Nigerian funding and the Wressle partners have announced free lowing oil. Jadestone updates on 2020 as does UOG with guidance as well.

Oil price, JOG, Genel, Union Jack,Egdon, President. And finally…

A good week for oil has quietened down, may due to todays Thanksgiving Holiday. Today JOG announce the acquisition of the final piece of the GBA jigsaw, Genel have first oil from Sarta and President have another discovery in Argentina. Egdon announce a small delay to Wressle but first oil should be in January and they have borrowed £1m from Union Jack who also announce some directors buying.

Oil price, Union Jack/Egdon, Kistos.

The vaccine news yesterday boosted markets and the oil price alike, oil has continued to rise today following comments from the Saudi Energy Minister about Opec+ output. I talk about Union Jack and Egdon who are applying for planning at Biscathorpe where potential upside is significant. And finally, Andrew Austin is back, with company Kistos he is raising money to restart his assault on the energy sector.

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Oil price, UJO/Egdon, Pharos, President.

Oil stays high as Hurricane Laura approaches the Texas coastline. Union Jack and Egdon have received proceeds from Humber and Pharos has announced interims and extended prospects in Vietnam. President has much going for it in 2H 2020 with a drilling campaign and are back in talks with NOC re Paraguay.

Oil price, DGO, Coro, Ascent, Egdon

The Opec+ deal takes the stage although huge quantities of oil in the physical market is in control at the moment. DGO has pulled off another cracking securitised financial arrangement making the structure look very solid indeed. Coro's operator at Mako in Indonesia has updated its resource estimate an a positive move for the partners. Ascent has announced its first foray into the Caribbean with a modest acquisition and updates on management and Slovenia. Egdon has made a small raise for working cap and Wressle.

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