Oil price, BPC, PetroTal, Echo. And finally…

Another good day for oil yesterday and is still modestly ahead today, all a follow up to the KSA actions at the Opec+ JMMC. Today BPC announce a look at portfolio operations and a funding update showing much activity across the board. PetroTal are showing an impressive set of heels as they announce increased production from Bretana following on from the Brazilian export success. Echo yesterday announced further gas sales contract success in Argentina.

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Oil price, Hunting, Echo, Far, Trinity, Cairn, Petrofac, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains steady after a positive set of inventory stats yesterday. Today the first major winter storms have hit the North East of the US with three feet of snow in places. I have upgraded my 2021 oil price forecasts in line with the bucket list yesterday, I'm now at $55. Hunting have a trading update today, everything is in line with expectations. Cairn has announced a 32p special divvi and Echo have secured a new contract in Argentina. Far has received a potential 2.1c bid from Remus who appeared on the Petrotal shareholder list this week. Trinity has signed an MOU with the Trinidad & Tobago NGC and I report on yesterday's PFC statement. Finally I interviewed Brian Durrant of Unite Oil & Gas yesterday.

Oil price, Genel, Zephyr, Kistos, Echo, UOG. And finally…

Oil remains quiet ahead of tomorrow's Opec+ meeting but good news on the virus vaccine is announced as the UK approve the Pfizer product. Genel announce that first liftings from the Sarta field have been made and Zephyr have received final approvals for the 16-2 well. I interviews Andrew Austin, Chairman of Kistos yesterday, the link is here and at Echo they have news of VAT in Argentina. Finally UOG announce a programme in Egypt.

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Oil price, Genel, GKP, BPC, Providence, San Leon, Echo. And finally…

Oil is quiet today as with the Opec members talking amongst themselves and the Opec+ meeting put back until Thursday few bets are being taken. Genel and GKP have received their October payments from the KRG and BPC has revealed strategy for Trinidad and Suriname along with extensive drilling programme and a CPR. Providence announced the Barryroe farm-out yesterday and this morning San Leon note that they have a 4.5% NPI on the field. Echo update on debt and production as well as an equity raise.

Oil price, BPC, Echo.

Oil rallied again as another vaccine was announced to the market. In the meantime the Opec JTC met and stated that October saw 96% compliance ahead of today's JMMC meeting which will advise the main meetings at the end of the month. Bahamas Petroleum are geeing up the market ahead of Perseverance#1 which surely wont need any more publicity. Finally Echo update the market on their VAT position in Argentina.

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Oil price, Bahamas, PetroTal, Predator, Aminex, Echo.

Oil fell as Libya started to up production and Covid cases increased worldwide. The API stats were better than expected with a small crude draw and a build in gasoline and draw in distillates. Another RNS from BPC shows that much is going on, PetroTal have restarted from the Bretana Field and Predator report interims. Aminex are clinging on in Tanzania with a last extension of the longstop date and Echo have interims today. VOG and others yet to come...

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Oil price, Kosmos, PetroTal, Echo, Premier. And finally…

Oil fell hard, previous Saudi action to offset lower Asian demand as well as lower domestic demand as two major refineries remain closed hit the market. Kosmos has sold a package of assets to Shell and PetroTal hope to get the Bretana field up and running 'imminently'. Echo Energy has splashed out, albeit on the strap, on 4 gas compressors previously leased as well as bring back some shut-in production. Finally, in case you missed it in the late blog yesterday I rerun the link to my interview with Premier Oil CEO Tony Durrant.

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