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Oil has been very much unchanged over the quarter end and contract rollover and is so today, a lot of talk about who has spoken to MbS... BP have announced 25% capex cuts, in line with others whilst Sound Energy are still discussing their GSA in Morocco. Echo Energy has been restructuring its debt with a number of successes already agreed and Eco Atlantic has pared back costs and remains very well placed when drilling recommences. Finally, I spoke to Wentworth Resources this week and I am convinced that with their very strong model and solid finances they are as good as any in the sector.

Oil price, Hurricane, Echo, Far, IGas, iog,

The White House and Senate agree on the $2tn stimulus bill, markets rally, oil doesnt... I look at the Hurricane update in the absence of the CMD, as things go its pretty good. Echo announce a debt restructuring with VAT help and with help from creditors should help. Far has announced that drilling in The Gambia, expected 2H drilling plans for 2020 will be suspended due to the Coronavirus. IGas release a positive update and are not impacted by said virus. Finally, having visited iog I take a look at what lies ahead and it looks pretty good, with a great gas portfolio and current investment at highly advantageous prices.

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Hurricane, Echo

Hurricane updates on the GWA JV agreements ahead of the Capital Markets day and Lancaster is still producing20,000 b/d. Echo update on operational and corporate with production going well and increasing debt as a precaution in case of demands on working capital.

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February Bucket list update…

It's Bucket List time and the February update is out today, cue trauma.....

Echo Energy

A non-commercial gas discovery at Tapi Aike for Echo this morning but with flow of gas and condensate able to give data to tap into this working Petroleum system all is not lost.

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Oil price, Trinity, Echo, Far, President, Touchstone, Lamprell – And finally…

Oil has rallied for a number of reasons but Libya is getting pretty lively. Trinity have, as usual a very positive update across the board while Echo also seems to be becoming interesting at the Santa Cruz Sur. Far has gone ahead with its FID for Senegal and is now sorting out the financing which seems nearly all done. President has tapped Trafigura who are injecting money into this well run company and Lamprell confirms the two jackup orders. Finally Touchstone testing an oil play now have a 'liquids rich' structure.

Oil price, Echo, Genel, Nu-Oil, Reabold, Eco – And finally…

The headlines are obviously of the US taking out Qassem Soleimani thereby reigniting tensions in the Gulf and surrounding areas. Companies catching up on news include Echo who are perforating and stimulating at Tapi Aike and have spudded at CLix-1001. Genel have another excellent producer at TT-34 and are unlikely to be affected by current problems in the Middle East. NU-Oil has made a modest raise, much to come from that company this year whilst it is now positioning itself for the inevitable deal. Reabold have found oil and gas at West Brentwood and Eco (Atlantic) has light oil to the North and the South.