Oil price, DGOC, JOG, Jadestone, President, Hurricane. And finally…

Oil has had a good couple of days as we end the month and mainly on the US economic data which showed GDP of 6.4% and another fall in jobless numbers. DGO has made a most interesting acquisition away from Appalachia down in Louisiana and Jadestone has also had the cheque book out in Malaysia. President has had another great well result and remains rightly confident whilst Hurricane has crash landed with the bond holders pushing the equity players out of the plane.

Oil price, DGO, Hurricane. And finally…

Slap bang in the middle of the current range, oil is limited to a large extent by the vaccine roll-out and also Opec+ production policy. DGOC's bankers have reaffirmed the existing terms of their credit facilities, here's hoping they use it. And after Hurricane's RNS yesterday I didn't see much that the market wasn't already aware of.

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Oil price, Diversified Gas & Oil, Angus, And finally…..

Oil is moving about depending on new moves from the White House, from Iran who are increasing production in the hope that Biden won't keep sanctions on and IMF GDP forecasts. Despite positive API stats oil has backed off a bit right now. A positive statement by DGO ahead of their figures shows the model working well and Angus has slipped in with a modest raise.

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The Bucket List 2021

The 2021 Bucket List.

Oil price, Genel, DGO, Sound. And finally…

Oil fell sharply, mainly on COVID which is fast closing economies, particularly in Europe. The EIA stats were a mixed bag, crude stocks built by some 4.3m barrels whilst gasoline drew, but distillates fell 4.5m b's. In the meantime overall consumption in the US grew again, by 1.5m b/d to 19.6m b/d, huge. Genel has announced good production figures from Tawke and payments from the KRG. DGO have again showed how good the model is and have increased the dividend by 7%. Finally, Sound Energy have proposed a debt restructuring as operationally they continue to do well.

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Oil price, Zephyr Energy, Total Market Solutions Podcast. And finally…

Oil is drifting and was around even on the week. Zephyr Energy has announced a raise of £2.25m which is more than enough to cover their costs of the dual use well in the Paradox Basin. I link to a Podcast with Total Market Solutions as part 1 of 2.

Oil price, DGO, IOG, Chariot, UJO/RBD, Predator, Zephyr. And finally…

In a packed programme tonight...the oil price which ended last week on a downer is up nearly $2.50 as I write. DGO has signed up with Oaktree Capital Management in an interesting co-funding deal. IOG has walked away from a potential bid for Deltic, not the first to do so recently and Chariot seem to have found a top quality country manager for Morocco. Union Jack and Reabold have spudded at West Newton and Predator has updated on operations and added detail on Trinidad. Finally what might be the deal of the year, Zephyr has announced good news from the Paradox in Utah.

Oil price, DGO, President, Genel, Rockhopper.

Oil continues to drift but news is mixed, the virus vaccine is back into trials and economic data from China is better. Tropical Storm Sally is headed towards shore and the GoM is shutting in but this one may hit refineries more with flooding. DGO has confirmed its super dividend for UK shareholders and President report more operational success in Argentina. Rockhopper remains an interesting geared option on Sea Lion and its arbitration case. Finally, Genel has announced publication of its first comprehensive sustainable report and looks to be well placed and very investible.