Oil price, Touchstone, Hunting, Coro, Ithaca, Jadestone, Deltic, UOG.

Oil is drifting as economies from Europe to China remain sluggish. Today I look at Touchstone who are near to Cascadura and Hunting who are in very good nick indeed. Also Coro have done a smart corporate deal. From yesterday I relook at Ithaca which yields 22% and Jadestone who I think are out of the trees at Montara. Also I spoke to Deltic CEO Graham Swindells and his company is in a very strong position indeed. Finally Jonathan Leather is moving on from UOG.

Oil price, Gulfsands, Longboat, Orcadian, Hurricane, Deltic, Europa. And finally…

A small rally and no real change after the EIA report or the API stats. Gulfsands remind us about Syria, Longboat has received some awards, and Orcadia has disposed of Crinan and Dandy after a good resources report at Pilot. Hurricane update, Deltic say Shell are testing at Pensacola and EOG have an update.

Oil price, Jadestone, Deltic, Europa, Prospex. And finally…

Oil is falling as traders level off their books ahead of the long Thanksgiving Holiday. Jadestone sign off the remaining 10% interest in the Lemang production sharing contract onshore Indonesia and Deltic spud Pensacola. Europa have released themselves from offshore Morocco having found no partners and Prospex are going great guns in Italy.

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