Oil price, Chariot, Deltic, Union Jack.

Oil rallied hard as punters worked out that Opec+ knew what they were doing regarding quotas. Chariot has produced FY figures in line with expectations and Deltic has had to walk away from Pensacola after political concerns dried up the market. And Union Jack has added to its recent investments with Reach in the USA, today in Oklahoma.

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Oil price, Chariot, Deltic, Union Jack.

Oil rallied hard as punters realised they had mis-heard Opec+ comments about quotas...And today Chariot have FY figs as expected and Deltic have had to walk away from Pensacola due to the current political situation stirring up the waters in the North Sea. And Union Jack are investing more with Reach in the Rogers project in Oklahoma.

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Oil price, DEC, Zephyr, Deltic, Hunting, Beacon. And finally…

Oil has taken a bath today after the market didn't trust the Opec+ agreement. Today DEC have done a smart securitisation deal, Deltic has a delay at Pensacola and Zephyr are 10 feet away from the fracture from last time. Hunting has won another excellent contract with the KOC and Beacon are struggling with flow rates in Germany.

Oil price, Deltic, Sintana/Eco, Sound. And finally…

Oil is down again today on ceasefire talks. Deltic face trouble financing Pensacola and Sound are moving ahead at Anoual in Morocco. And Namibia is back in the news, Chevron farm-in to the Walvis Basin with Sintana and Eco Atlantic are now surrounding the block.

Oil price, Zephyr, PetroTal, Europa, Deltic, Jadestone. And finally…

A third up day after an up week but the market is actually very quiet, API stats mixed ahead of the EIA numbers today. Zephyr are on the move at the Paradox after final permitting and PetroTal announces its dividend. Europa get an extension at Cloughton and Jadestone complete on CWLH whilst I update on Deltic after talking to CEO Graham Swindells.

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Bogota flash blog: Savannah, Serica, Deltic, Trinity, Longboat.

A flash blog today from Colombia but I take a quick look at Savannah who have extended the suspension and of course Mitch Flegg's departure at Serica. Also Deltic who have picked up licenses, Longboat who have been busy completing two deals and Trinity who announce guidance for this year.