Oil price, Rockhopper, Arrow, Coro, Deltic.

Oil had a big day on the back of the KSA interview about Opec, elsewhere Arrow has had a very good few months in London and Coro try again to sell the Italian assets, now worth much more than when they fell through before. But most of all interest is that Rockhopper has won its arbitration case with the Republic of italy and been awarded €190m plus interest...

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Oil price, Savannah, Petrofac, President, Getech, Coro.

Oil rose as production in Libya and Ecuador fell for civil rights reasons. Still no data from the EIA and Macron thinks he has a scoop from Opec. Savannah bring more gas onstream and Petrofac have decent figures looking better in 2H 22. President results good and value still way too low and Getech sign a big contract. Finally Coro have had a good year

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Oil price, DEC, Genel, Angus, Longboat, Afentra, Coro, Lamprell, UOG. And finally…

Oil was down last week and is now off another 3 bucks today. Ineos boss Sir Jim Ratcliffe make a very good case for fraccing in the Sunday Telegraph. DEC have published their sustainability report and Genel detail KRG sales and payments. Angus have done a small raise today, wise given the bidding timetable has overrun a bit. Afentra updates on Sonangol and Coro has signed up on a new deal in Vietnam. Longboat have spudded Cambozola it's one of the biggest gas prospects around. Lamprell, I just don't know what is going on, it seems like good progress in wind but oil & gas going well is up for sale. UOG has confirmed its sale in Italy to Prospex and is now well financed but needs to spend the money.

Oil price, Orcadian, Gulf Keystone, Coro. And finally…

Oil has bounced by just over two dollars this morning as peace talks seem unlikely to be working. Gulf Keystone has announced figures with a substantial dividend pay-out, Orcadian has announced an extension to Phase 'A' of Licence P2320 and a resource update and Coro has increased output in Italy.

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Blog from Houston, Oil price, Kistos, VOG, Far, Coro.

The trading range for oil seems to be pretty tight, there is little doubt that stocks will continue to fall and that 1Q 2022 will be the battleground. Yesterday Kistos had more good news and today VOG provide an exceptional update. Far have spudded a very interesting exploration well in The Gambia and Coro has a binding JV agreement in Vietnam.

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Oil price, Jadestone, Coro, Afentra. And finally…

Oil rallied yesterday, partly due to reasons expressed here but also due to an unexpected outage in Libya. Jadestone has interims today and whilst have had some operational and political problems I'm confident that they will deliver the goods. Coro is under new management with deals changing its nature. Afentra's future is in front of it as they say but I'm confident Paul McDade is in a strong position.

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Oil price, San Leon, Predator, Coro, Helium One, SDZ. And finally…

After all the price moves last week oil ended only 60 odd cents down at the end, given what happened after the Opec+ meeting had broken up that wasnt a bad result. San Leon continue their consolidation in Nigeria and Predator has appointed a leading Moroccan expert as COO. Coro have started a move into solar in Vietnam which has potential to grow swiftly and Helium One has seen gas bubble but have to side-track the well. SDX also has a trading update.