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Oil price, Chevron/Anadarko/Occidental/Total, Anadarko, Infrastrata, Victoria Oil & Gas And finally…

Oil may end up on the week, this evening in Washington may thankfully be after the close… Chevron walk away from Anadarko bid with a $1bn wallet warmer. InfraStrata are in discussions with off-take partners that might delay phase 1 of the deal but bring forward phase 2. I speak to Ahmet Dik, CEO of VOG about the ENEO payments and receive some comfort and theres a link to an interview commenting on 9 companies.

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Oil price, Chevron/Anadarko, Europa Oil & Gas, Rose Petroleum And finally…

The oil price will end the week up nicely as supply constraints remove excess stocks worldwide. The big international news is that Chevron are buying Anadarko for $33bn whilst at home EOG results show promise in the future, not the past. Finally Rose Petroleum directors keep their promise and buy shares in the market.

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Oil price, Jersey Oil & Gas, Empyrean, Premier Oil, Sundry-Chevron-Sirius Pet- Gulf Keystone-Egdon- And finally…

WTI $48.82 +23c, Brent $52.10 +20c, Diff -$3.28 -3c, NG $2.98 n/c Oil price The oil price ended down on the week but not by much, WTI lost 76c and Brent 32c as various influences waxed and waned, today prices

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Oil price, Chevron, Hurricane Energy, Savannah Resources, And finally…

WTI $46.60 -$2.39, Brent $47.96 -$2.14, Diff -$1.36 -3c, NG $2.76 -22c Oil price With more worries about the global economy post Brexit the oil price and the cable have turned south. Inventory numbers will be crucial this week as

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Oil price, Lamprell, Ithaca, Sound, Falcon, Sundry round-up-Amec-VOG-Velocys-Total-Exxon-Chevron-Ophir-GKP-Hal-BH- And finally

WTI $44.78 -$1.14, Brent $45.83 -$1.54, Diff $1.05 -$1.16, NG $2.04 -14c Oil price The oil price was up strongly last week, WTI rose $2.19 and Brent $3.02 before expiry, today they have both settled down as news is for

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Oil price, Petroceltic, Thalassa, Sound Energy, Sundry-Chevron-Wood Group- And finally…

WTI $35.70 -$1.09, Brent $37.69 -98c, Diff $1.99 +8c, NG $2.00 +4c Oil price Same old, same old, as stories weakening the oil price erode confidence ahead of the potential freeze. Yesterday it was the turn of ship brokers who reported

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Oil price, Amerisur, Cairn/Far, Pantheon, Falcon Oil & Gas, Chevron- And finally…

WTI $36.50 -$1.40, Brent $39.65 -$1.19, Diff $3.15 +21c, NG $1.71 +2c Oil price After yesterday’s paucity of company news, forcing an oil price only blog, today the tables are turned, there is oil price news but companies are doing

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Oil price, Chevron, Premier, Bowleven/Aminex, Sundry-Petroceltic-Amec- And finally…

WTI $33.62 +40c, Brent $34.74 +85c (March, expired), Diff $1.12 +45c, NG $2.30 +12c Oil price The oil price had its week in the sun and as long as stories of an agreement continue to do the rounds we probably

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Oil price, Providence Resources, Sundry-Results-BG- And finally…

WTI $33.22 +92c, Brent $33.89 +79c, Diff -67c +13c, NG $2.18 +2c Oil price Talk around the market place is all about the potential for talks between Opec and Russia or more accurately the Saudis and Russia. Whether or not

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Oil price, Chevron/Conoco, Independent Oil & Gas, Sundry-Aminex- And finally…

WTI $36.76 -40c, Brent $39.73 -38c, Diff $2.97 +2c, NG $2.02 -5c Oil price We end the week at new lows and more than four dollars easier than on Opec day last Friday. This comes as no surprise as the

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