Oil price, Chariot, Pharos, Hurricane, Getech. And finally…

Oil is falling due to Chinese demand, Chariot has made a good raise to develop Anchois and push on with the power business. Pharos AGM statement was good and with Vietnam kicking in later this year should be good. Getech are solidly ahead, Hurricane looks cheap as chips and could and should be taken over from here, just imagine what a wealthy parent would do with it...?

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Oil price, Diversified Energy, Chariot, Egdon, Union Jack. And finally…

Oil down, China crisis. An acquisition from DEC which looks like more of the same, ie very good. Chariot have appointed Societe Generale, London Branch  to the role of financial advisor to develop debt funding options for the Anchois gas development, this is smart and good news. Egdon results but Shell walk away from their partnership with the company and Union Jack add the the Wressle good news to the update on the rest of their portfolio.

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Oil price, Chariot, Predator.

Oil is down around $6 this morning after it became clear that President Biden is about to announce a further, more substantial release of stocks from the US SPR. Chariot has announced that the latest Anchois well is bigger and better than expected and will be developed more quickly than previous expectations. Upside is huge, a multiple of the current share price. Predator has confirmed that it has raised £1.035m.

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Oil price, Savannah, Advance, GKP, SDX, Lamprell, Chariot. And finally…

Oil stayed high last week but markets are panicking about recession ahead of the Fed meeting on Wednesday. A positive update from Savannah Energy and Advance say how disappointing Buffalo-10 was. Gulf Keystone have an operations update which is like the curates egg. SDX have spudded the second well at Meseda and Lamprell have a potentially large wind client.

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