Flash blog: Chariot, San Leon, UOG, Predator, Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas.

Oil remains strong, today Chariot announce the licence acquisition we have been waiting for and San Leon has extended its dates for the current complicated deal. Also UOG say that Quattro have not yet completed the deal for Maria and Predator have raised £10m. Finally Eco (Atlantic) has released full year results which are of course historic.

Oil price, Chariot, Predator, Eco Atlantic, Angus.

A modest fall yesterday as markets worried about US inflation data due tomorrow but in China the Government extended the loans to the property sector in a bid to perk up the economy. US retail gasoline was inconsequential, up a tick last week, down 4 cents m/m but still over a dollar off this time last year. Chariot has raised money as it gains a fascinating block near Anchois and Predator have now moved to rigless testing now MOU-4 reaches TD. Eco Atlantic has also raised money, about $10m but with no dilution as it prepares for action on Block3B/4B in South Africa. And Angus updates on its bridge facility.

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Oil price, IOG, Zephyr, Trinity, Chariot, Sound, JOG.

After the weekend oil doesn't know how to react unchanged today. I look at IOG who have a very good result at the Blythe H2 well and will be upping production. Zephyr finals are as expected and Trinity have early indications of success at Jacobin. Last week Chariot had figures with exciting potential for Anchois partners, Sound completed its debt issues and is now clear to move ahead at Tendrara and JOG completed on the GBA farm-out, a fantastic deal.

Oil price, IOG, Chariot, Zephyr, Arrow, SDX, Longboat, Hurricane, PTAL, EME, Angus.And finally…

Oil is weak today ahead of the Fed tomorrow. IOG talk the Blythe well, Zephyr announce good hedges and Chariot tie up with Vivo in Morocco. Arrow are in great shape and will hit targets while Longboat have JVd with Japex in Norway. SDX are partnering with Aleph on alternative energy projects, PetroTal appoint a COO and Angus update on Saltfleetby.

The Bucket List, 1Q update.

A quarterly update of the Bucket List to reflect recent performance as well as a year/year check.

Oil price, Chariot, Zephyr, Challenger/Predator, Angus. And finally…

Oil tanked on the Fed news which hit markets hard but supported the greenback. Today Chariot announce that FEED for Anchois is finished and Zephyr say that flow testing the 36-2 well is imminent. Challenger and Predator have completed their deal and Angus record that the second compressor is up and running.

The 2023 Bucket List

The 2023 Bucket List is published today, five companies are leaving one way or another and three are joining the group. The Oil and Gas prices both showed consistency in being virtually unchanged on the year although the prices changed at different times during it, see the charts. The blog also announces how the 2022 list fared.