Oil price, Chariot, IGas, Pantheon

The Opec+ meeting starts shortly and the market is expecting a deal, if it doesn't happen there could be a 50% retracement in half an hour. I write today about Chariot which has an upbeat statement out about Morocco and costs which are being cut again. Also IGas which is looking good in this market with onshore, conventional oil to carry the company, well hedged as well. Finally a few words about Pantheon after my words on Premier went down badly...

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February Bucket list update…

It's Bucket List time and the February update is out today, cue trauma.....

Oil price, Echo, DGO, PetroTal, Touchstone – And finally…

Oil recovered yesterday after initially falling on an API report that showed a build in stocks, the subsequent EIA report showed a draw of 1.1m barrels and oil recovered to be roughly even on the day. Echo has announced that its rig is on the move and should be ready to drill the CLix-1001 well by the end of December. DGO has announced a new NED as well as announcing that the 2Q divvi will be paid on 20th December and a sterling equivalent of 2.65p a share. PetroTal has also appointed two new NED's after recently the Chairman of the Board moved to the non board position of CFO. And Touchstone announce that the Coho-1 well has produced well making it a red letter month for the company.

Chariot Oil & Gas, Block Energy.

Results from Chariot and more importantly since, confirm that the Lixus acquisition has the potential to bring profitable lower risk assets into the portfolio. At Block the 38Z well has started and the WR-16aZ is showing highly difficult to read results with more gas than expected, announcements will be hard to predict.

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Oil price, Rockhopper, Chariot, SDX, Europa – And finally…

Oil came back sharply yesterday as the Saudis said that production would be back to normal by the end of this month, way sooner than expected. Rockhopper results are fine but its all about Sea Lion which is progressing waiting for senior debt and of course the Ombrina Mare arbitration. At Chariot they have a CPR over additional prospects in the Lixus licence which takes the number to over TCF. SDX has had a find in Egypt and adds 315 b/d to production and EOG has been awarded an offshore licence in Morocco, the current hot post code internationally.

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Bucket list 6 month update.

Today is the interim Bucket List with a look at performance since February, the good the bad and the ugly and with two stocks dropping out to be replaced in the list.

Oil price, Chariot, Infrastrata – And finally…

Mixed news on oil but balance may be on the upside with stocks coming down and political risk rising again. Chariot have an AGM statement which should please those in the audience as it gives a good overview of the importance of the Lixus licence and its discovered gas. Infrastrata have entered into an agreement to potentially buy an offshore gas project at Barrow-in-Furness but have yet to FID Islandmagee.

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Oil price, Chariot Oil & Gas

Oil was quiet yesterday but helped by the better than expected inventory figures, this morning it is up $1.50 ish after action in the Middle East. I talk to Julian Maurice-Williams, CFO at Chariot Oil & Gas about his portfolio and the recent Lixus licence acquisition.

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