Oil price, Scirocco, Chariot, President, Block. And finally…

The Opec+ meeting is underway and with all in their favour the outlook is bound to be good one way or another. Scirocco are happy with the way things are looking in Tanzania and Chariot have appointed a new but well known to them drilling Manager. President has detailed the spin off of Atome and Block seem to be not worrying about a 44% vote against the Chairman at their AGM.

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Oil price, Chariot, Scirocco, DEC. And finally…

Oil will end up on the week as the crucial stock draws continued, economic data was good and gasoline demand continued to rise. Chariot look good as they become a gas and transition company with much excitement to come. Scirocco has amended its facility as it heads to Eurpean transition itself. And DEC have appointed a head of ESG, it is getting so important nowadays.

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