Oil price, BPC, PetroTal, Helium One. And finally…

Oil was quiet yesterday but is up another 80 odd cents again today on what is being called the 'virus strategy' or common sense as I called it before Christmas. BPC continue to top up finances by exercising a put option getting ship shape for P#1 and other portfolio requirements. PetroTal are also contemplating a $100m bond issue to help restart a drilling programme and to upgrade the CPF-2 for higher throughput. Finally Helium One starts its drilling programme by submitting key environmental studies.

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Oil price, BPC, PetroTal, Echo. And finally…

Another good day for oil yesterday and is still modestly ahead today, all a follow up to the KSA actions at the Opec+ JMMC. Today BPC announce a look at portfolio operations and a funding update showing much activity across the board. PetroTal are showing an impressive set of heels as they announce increased production from Bretana following on from the Brazilian export success. Echo yesterday announced further gas sales contract success in Argentina.

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Oil price, Bahamas Petroleum, Coro/Empyrean, Block. And finally…

After another very good week the good news of the $900bn US deal has been trumped by the news that there is a new Covid variant and markets and commodities are in free fall as I write. BPC has spudded the Perseverance#1 well, one of the biggest wildcat wells for some time and Coro and Empyrean are moving forwards with the Mako Gas Project. Finally Block Energy looks like it has made another smart NED appointment.

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The Bucket List 2021

The 2021 Bucket List.

Oil price, JOG, Chariot, PetroTal, BPC. And finally…

Oil remains steady after a small up week, today it has drifted a bit. JOG has announced further good news from the GBA with much excitement next year whilst Chariot has negotiated key terms for a new licence in Morocco with ONHYM. PetroTal has announced that Gran Tierra has sold most of its holding to Remus Horizons and BPC has added further funding ahead of the P#1 well.

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Oil price, Genel, GKP, BPC, Providence, San Leon, Echo. And finally…

Oil is quiet today as with the Opec members talking amongst themselves and the Opec+ meeting put back until Thursday few bets are being taken. Genel and GKP have received their October payments from the KRG and BPC has revealed strategy for Trinidad and Suriname along with extensive drilling programme and a CPR. Providence announced the Barryroe farm-out yesterday and this morning San Leon note that they have a 4.5% NPI on the field. Echo update on debt and production as well as an equity raise.

Oil price, BPC, Rockhopper, Eco, Angus. And finally…

Oil had a good week, despite the US holidays it was up over $3 a barrel. Today all eyes are on the start of the two day Opec+ meeting with signs of an extension of the 2m b/d cut likely but equally pretty much in the price. BPC have signed the new Goudron EPSC in Trinidad an area where they hope to develop further production in-country. Rockhopper state that Navitas are still keen on the Sea Lion farm-in but there are some inevitable delays due to the Premier/Chrysaor situation. Eco Atlantic has done great work in Namibia where it has increased its already substantial portfolio and Angus has signed an MOU with Aleph Energy for a £12m funding for the Saltfleetby gas field.

Oil price, BPC, Echo.

Oil rallied again as another vaccine was announced to the market. In the meantime the Opec JTC met and stated that October saw 96% compliance ahead of today's JMMC meeting which will advise the main meetings at the end of the month. Bahamas Petroleum are geeing up the market ahead of Perseverance#1 which surely wont need any more publicity. Finally Echo update the market on their VAT position in Argentina.

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Oil price, Genel, IOG, BPC, Touchstone. And finally…

Oil rallied with good economic data from China and the USA but COVID cases still rise and US elections create uncertainty. Genel update in a very positive manner across the board. IOG have awarded the rig contract for the Core Project to Noble and BPC update on Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. Finally Touchstone easily raised its £23m yesterday at a modest discount to the price, onwards and upwards.

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