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Oil price, BP, Faroe, Cabot, Empyrean, Bahamas Petroleum, i3 Energy And finally…

WTI $72.13 -11c, Brent $79.57 +35c, Diff -$7.44 +46c, NG $2.91 +10c Oil price Pick your own crude and decide if you are a bull or a bear, yesterday all choices were on offer. Brent tried to break through the

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Total Market Solutions podcast: Malcy Talks Oil & Gas With Doc

Featured: Bahamas Petroleum, Coro Energy, Eco Atlantic, Echo Energy, Faroe Petroleum, Genel Energy, Hurricane Energy, Jersey Oil & Gas, Premier Oil, Savannah Resources, SDX Energy, Trinity Exploration. Listen on the Total Market Solutions website: https://total-market-solutions.com/2018/05/11/malcy-talks-oil-gas-with-doc/

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on SDX Energy, Frontera Resources, Savannah Petroleum, Amerisur Resources, Bahamas Petroleum, Coro Energy, Solo Oil

Malcy talks about the following stocks: SDX Energy #SDX, Frontera Resources #FRR, Savannah Petroleum #SAVP, Amerisur Resources #AMER, Bahamas Petroleum #BPC, Coro Energy #CORO and Solo Oil #SOLO

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Oil price, Savannah Petroleum, Ophir Energy, Bahamas Petroleum, Solo Oil, And finally…

WTI $67.93 +68c, Brent $73.36 +23c, Diff -$5.43 -45c, NG $2.75 -5c Oil price A day of two halves yesterday, the EIA inventory data looked a bit grim at first glance with a crude draw of 6.2m barrels being not

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Faroe Petroleum, SDX Energy, Bahamas Petroleum And finally…

WTI $68.19 +14c, Brent $74.74 +74c, Diff -$6.55 +60c, NG $2.82 +4c Oil price It is still all about I Ran, clearly the Donald didnt take anything his mate Emanuelle said the other night nor should we have expected him

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Oil price, VOG, Sound, Cabot, Hurricane, Savannah Petroleum, BPC, Wentworth, Sundry-SDX-Genel And finally…

WTI $57.46 +30c, Brent $63.80 +39c, Diff -$6.34 +9c, NG $2.69 -5c Oil price As the market quiets down ahead of the holiday a couple of bullish factors emerge, on the geopolitical front the stakes are rising in the Yemen

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Oil price, BP, Range Resources, Chariot, SOCO, BPC, Empyrean, Columbus, Sundry-IOG-WG/AMFW-Faroe-Sound- And finally…

WTI $48.23 +16c, Brent $54.27 +43c, Diff -$6.04 +27c, NG $3.00 +5c Oil price Another up day for crude yesterday with short term weather related problems still to the fore, refining in Houston and the Gulf is returning, in some

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Rockhopper, President, Sundry-Enteq-Bahamas Petroleum- And finally…

WTI $46.46 +38c, Brent $48.72 +43c, Diff -$2.26 +5c, NG $2.97 -6c Oil price The oil price rallied yesterday on no particular reason, Opec production was up a little but mainly due to Nigeria and Libya who are outside the

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Oil price, Far Limited, RockRose Energy, IGas Energy, Solo Oil, plus links on SAVP-SDX-IGas- And finally…

WTI $48.24 -67c, Brent $50.96 -66c, Diff -$2.72 -68c, NG $3.09 +5c Oil price Yesterday was a bad day for oil, not because it fell but more as it started brightly moving up on general news from Russia and sundry

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Oil price, Range Resources, EOG/Union Jack, Bahamas Petroleum, Amerisur podcast, Sundry -Savannah-Providence Resources. And finally…

WTI $45.93 +$1.45, Brent $47.35 +$1.46, Diff -$1.42 +1c, NG $3.00 +4c Oil price Ahead of tomorrow’s ‘Opec’ meeting in Algeria hope springs eternal as bulls think a deal will be done. Even if a deal is apparently done that

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