Oil price, Block, Angus, Hurricane, Reabold. And finally…

Oil is drifting, yesterday with positive inventory numbers the price should have risen but the virus and physical exports from Libya put the bear side eloquently. Today Block Energy has responded to a shareholder group by having an operational and corporate update. Yesterday Angus set in play a debt facility raise and a modest equity funding to stand alongside it, also Reabold had interims. Finally the Kerogen representatives on the Hurricane board have left, what that may mean is anybody's guess but not being on the board gives them more scope than otherwise....

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Oil price, PetroTal, BPC/CERP, Reabold, Angus, Redcliff Energy Advisors…And finally…

The oil price crashed yesterday as worries about economies and new virus cases panicked investors, things are better today as Chinese oil demand is confirmed and they have clearly been buying for SPR. I look at PetroTal where they have done a deal on potential liabilities and raised $18m. For Bahamas Petroleum they have decided to expand and are merging with Columbus Energy Resources. Reabold had results yesterday but all the news is since those numbers and RBD are very well placed. Finally Angus Energy have succeeded with the planners at Saltfleetby.

Oil price, Angus, Coro, Trinity, Lamprell

Oil, or more specifically WTI is weak, down another 25% today ahead of rollover to the June contract as even at Cushing the storage tanks are almost full. Angus Energy issues a note today, good under the current circumstances, better when you are writing Riverfort out of your balance sheet. Coro's results were no surprise, recent changes mean that it may be a while before it expands much but Duyung is still a fantastic asset. Trinity continues to cut costs, after this latest bout operating break-even should fall to $20.50/b and Lamprell who announced last week are retrenching into the Hamriyah yard.

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Oil price,BP/Shell, Angus, Hunting

Oil bounces big time, both yesterday and today as President Trump talks to MbS who possibly along with Putin may cut 10-15m b/d, Opec+ announce a virtual meeting on Monday morning, but will Putin dial-in, Zoom or MS Teams it? I interviewed Angus Energy MD, George Lucan yesterday and we had an interesting chat about what is an interesting play. Finally Hunting swap their 6c final with a 3c second interim after yesterday Wood Group withdrew its announced divvi altogether.

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Oil price, Coro, Zenith, Range Resources/Star Phoenix, Angus – And finally…

Oil remains firm ahead of the Opec+ meeting on Thursday, much still can happen before then...I look at Coro and Zenith where the former has sold its Italian assets to the latter, also Coro is looking for a further extension for the Bulu agreement. Range Resources is now Star Phoenix Group with ticker STA and I catch up with Angus Energy and talk about Saltfleetby.

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