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Oil continues to climb, $66.54 is better that the $52 bucks we started the year at. Hurricane has appointed Beverley Smith as a NED and Angus has submitted its FDP to the OGA for Saltfleetby. A very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you all.

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Oil remains firm ahead of the Opec+ meeting on Thursday, much still can happen before then…I look at Coro and Zenith where the former has sold its Italian assets to the latter, also Coro is looking for a further extension for the Bulu agreement. Range Resources is now Star Phoenix Group with ticker STA and I catch up with Angus Energy and talk about Saltfleetby.

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The oil price had a bad day yesterday but has perked up a bit this morning, inventory stats are now key. VOG are showing very high levels of production after the renewal of the ENEO contract and are not raising money ‘yet’. Ophir seems to have given up the ghost talking very seriously at 55p by the looks of it whilst Jadestone are oozing confidence about Montara. Over at Angus they are again changing the guard in the boardroom and at advisor level, who knows what’s next?

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Another good day yesterday in the oil market although some has been given back this morning after inventory figures disappointed. Premier come in with another cracking operational statement and have cut the debt by more than expected. Petro Matad announce some of their plans for 2019 drilling and Angus Energy receives a very odd letter in the post. Finally Aminex have beefed up the board and its advisors, hopefully a sign of things to come.

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Oil crashes again, Fed decision today, Reabold spud in California and Angus start tests at Brockham. And from yesterday, Board changes at IOG.

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WTI $63.57 +26c, Brent $69.03 +42c, Diff -$5.46 +22c, NG $3.22 +4c Oil price Whilst all those clowns play in the snow at Dav-Oh the rest of the world is getting on with business, the real world you might say. …

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Malcy talks about the following stocks: Angus Energy #ANGS, Saffron Energy #SRON, Coro Energy #CORO, Sound Energy #SOU, Echo Energy #ECHO, Amerisur Resources #AMER and SDX Energy #SDX

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WTI $63.37 -58c, Brent $68.61 -70c, Diff -$5.24 -12c, NG $3.18 n/c Oil price Last week was the first down week in a while as supply concerns from the reporting houses, led by the EIA in the US took the …

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WTI $53.83 +29c, Brent $56.81 +25c, Diff -$2.98 -4c, NG $3.07 +2c Oil price Marginally up last week but creeping in the right direction aided by the Iranians doing a missile test that was probably ill advised for such a …

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