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WTI $49.89 +59c, Brent $55.47 +31c, Diff -$5.58 -28c, NG $3.07 +1c Oil price There is little to add about the oil price, the dollar remains weak, Libya is exporting well below its best levels, hurricane damage has affected production

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WTI $48.23 +16c, Brent $54.27 +43c, Diff -$6.04 +27c, NG $3.00 +5c Oil price Another up day for crude yesterday with short term weather related problems still to the fore, refining in Houston and the Gulf is returning, in some

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Oil price, Rockhopper, Lamprell, Wood Gp/AMFW, Thalassa, And finally…

WTI $47.59 -$1.23, Brent $50.73 -$1.37, Diff -$3.14 -14c, NG $2.96 -2c Oil price The bulls turned tail in a hurry yesterday afternoon, maybe it was the report from China of the refinery output falling, indicating lower crude demand, or

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WTI $49.72 +54c, Brent $50.47 +49c, Diff -$0.75 -5c, NG $2.76 +3c Oil price The Opec ‘machine’ went back into action yesterday in a number of ways. Firstly, ‘sources’ revealed that the reduction in peak output would be 4%, to

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Flash blog, Hunting, Amec, VOG, Hurricane.

Hunting has announced that it is doing an equity placing this morning of 9.8% of its stock. The trading update that goes with it suggests some increase in enquiries but that the tone remains uncertain in the industry. More when

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Oil price, Amec Foster Wheeler, Range Resources, Faroe, Circle Oil, And finally…

WTI $43.02 +$1.22, Brent $45.39 +$1.12, Diff -$2.37 -10c, NG $2.75 -2c Oil price A decent rally yesterday but on pretty flimsy evidence, the Opec President gets on his hind legs and calls an ‘informal meeting of Opec in September

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Oil price, Amerisur, Premier, Sundry-Amec FW- Providence-And finally…

WTI $44.76 -65c, Brent $46.25 -51c, Diff -$1.49 +14c, NG $2.70 -10c Oil price Traders reported an up and down type of day yesterday with currency movements and world markets influencing crude oil prices. News of Opec’s June production being

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WTI $48.26 -73c, Brent $49.65 -45c, Diff -$1.39 +3c, NG $2.91 -8c Oil price Just managing to get enough news for a blog today especially as a number of oil markets were shut for Independence Day holidays whilst others were

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Oil price, Circle Oil, Sundry-Amec FW- NTOG-GKP- And finally…

WTI $47.85 +$1.52, Brent $48 58 +$1.42, Diff -$0.73 -10c, NG $2.92 +20c Oil price I should change that header bar to oil and natural gas price as at the moment the yellow jersey is being worn by the latter.

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Oil price, Falcon Oil & Gas, Sundry-Amec FW-Savannah- And finally…

WTI $49.56 +94c, Brent $49.74 +$1.13, Diff -$0/18 +19c, NG $1.99 +1c Oil price Brent has climbed through $50 this morning and WTI is not far behind it. The big question is, will this encourage producers, particularly in the US

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