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Oil price, DGO, Wentworth, President, GKP, Zephyr.

After topsy turvey inventory stats, always to be expected, oil fell and with US markets in retreat is down another dollar today. DGO is rewarded by its success by being allocated a space in both the FTSE 250 and FTSE All Share Index effective 21st September. Wentworth announce solid figures and announce a 20% increase in the dividend giving the shares an 8% yield. President have kicked off the drilling campaign with an successful workover well 'materially ahead of expectations and GKP have hunkered down but in a strong position to eventually recover. Finally Zephyr yesterday announced news from the Paradox Basin in Utah, this one is well worth watching...

Oil price, IOG, Hunting, Getech.

Oil has eased today as Hurricane Laura, despite causing serious damage is already being downgraded in strength. I look at the IOG interims but more importantly a really good presentation on Phase 1 of the gas project in the SNS. Hunting figures were in-line with management expectations and actually a very creditable performance. Despite the international scenario it is already well placed to bounce. Getech also did well with sales, good order book and cash conversion as well as of course cost cutting.

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Oil price, UJO/Egdon, Pharos, President.

Oil stays high as Hurricane Laura approaches the Texas coastline. Union Jack and Egdon have received proceeds from Humber and Pharos has announced interims and extended prospects in Vietnam. President has much going for it in 2H 2020 with a drilling campaign and are back in talks with NOC re Paraguay.

Oil price, Union Jack/Reabold, Premier, Block. And finally…

Oil remains very quiet, a modest warning from the Opec meeting to keep production under control. The West Newton partners announce that the operator has submitted screening requests for two new potential hydrocarbon well sites with substantial potential. And Premier has put together an imaginative and bold refinancing offer in order to finally see the end to the debt pile it has been labouring under.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Union Jack/Reabold. And finally…

Oil continued to rise slowly yesterday, now still at peaks last seen on March 6th. Opec's technical committee meet today ahead of the JMMC tomorrow with compliance at 97%. PetroTal report 2Q financial and operational results, during the quarter the 6H well came onstream on time and under budget. The quarter is self explanatory and the recent shut-in of the Bretana field looks likely to be over soon. Rathlin Energy as operator have updated on ops at West Newton where it looks like at long last the drilling operations are imminent.

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