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Oil price, Chevron/Anadarko/Occidental/Total, Anadarko, Infrastrata, Victoria Oil & Gas And finally…

Oil may end up on the week, this evening in Washington may thankfully be after the close… Chevron walk away from Anadarko bid with a $1bn wallet warmer. InfraStrata are in discussions with off-take partners that might delay phase 1 of the deal but bring forward phase 2. I speak to Ahmet Dik, CEO of VOG about the ENEO payments and receive some comfort and theres a link to an interview commenting on 9 companies.

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IGTV interview: Small-cap oil stocks on the move, Malcy’s oil bucket list

Malcy joins IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor to look across some of the highlights so far this year. Having seen the oil price gain, some 50% since the start of 2019, small-cap oil stocks have generally been higher, although there are some

Chariot, Genel, VOG

Chariot have had further good news from Lixus today, the new CPR adding more to its potential and the shares are undervalued with 4p of cash not to be forgotten. CEO of Genel Bill Higgs has bought 35/- shares in the market which we like and VOG have a very positive 1Q update.

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Oil price, Sound, Genel, Tower, Amerisur, Getech And finally…

Oil prices fell again after the markets went into risk-off mode worrying about the US/Sino trade talks collapsing. A mixed bag for inventories showed crude building and gasoline drawing, again.
Today Sound have good news from Tendrara as gas flows to the surface without stimulation or artificial lift, next is the rest of the TAGI formation. Genel has a Tawke update with good news from DNO in terms of production and a long drilling campaign. Tower has pushed back the Thali well in Cameroon until July after receiving updated data but that’s not a problem. Finally yesterday saw Amerisur announce approvals for 3rd party transportation through their OBA pipeline which should boost production by 2/- b/d and also results from Getech which show the restructuring going well.

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Core Finance CEO interview: Gil Holzman of Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas

Today Malcy talks to Gil Holzman, the CEO of Eco Atlantic.

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Oil price, Falcon, Zenith, RockRose And finally…

The oil price has another fall with the US inventories mainly to blame, Falcon have some good news from Beetaloo and Zenith raise a little more for drilling kit. I take a look at the RockRose statement from earlier in the week and conclude that despite being suspended all is well.

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Oil price, Echo, Predator, Sound, Premier/Rockhopper And finally…

Oil moved down, more for WTI after the inventory stats than for Brent. Results from Echo are laudible but its all down to Tapi Aike now. Predator has announced exciting plans for Ram Head which could be of significant size and I catch up with the Sound announcement from yesterday on the GSA discussions.

Core Finance CEO interview: Tony Durrant of Premier Oil

Today Malcy talks to Tony Durrant, CEO of Premier Oil.

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Core Finance interview: Martin Hull of Echo Energy

Today Malcy talks to Martin Hull, the MD and CFO of Echo Energy.

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Aminex,Genel, Predator

Aminex are fighting hard to get back into favour and the current plan looks most interesting. Genel has let its Bina Bali and eventually it’s Miran licences-will also lapse and will be renegotiated on updated and agreeable terms. Finally Predator is firing on all cylinders in Morocco, Trinidad and in Ireland.

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