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Oil price, Genel, Union Jack, Egdon, UOG.

Oil was shut yesterday but has rallied today as the movers and shakers head for the Alps. Genel gave a solid and in line trading update and Union Jack and Egdon have updated Wressle. With UOG resurrecting the Quattro deal but at a higher price they can reward patient shareholders with a modest buy back.

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Oil price, PetroTal, Tower, Coro, Echo, Capricorn,NewMed. And finally…

Last week oil was up strongly after China's news about Covid started to wane. Today PetroTal released its 2023 budget and Tower is to raise up to $6m. Coro gave a production and corporate update and I catch up with Echo from Friday. Finally there is more interest in the Capricorn/NewMed and Pallister situation, involving Legal & General IM.

Oil price, Wentworth, Afentra, Pharos, UOG. And finally…

Oil rallied strongly as despite the inventory stats I mentioned yesterday oil jumped on economic news and potential further sanctions against Russia. Today Wentworth updates on the takeover by M&P and Afentra update on Angola. Pharos has an extensive reading and operations update and UOG have some encouraging numbers on Maria.

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Oil price, Gulfsands, Longboat, Orcadian, Hurricane, Deltic, Europa. And finally…

A small rally and no real change after the EIA report or the API stats. Gulfsands remind us about Syria, Longboat has received some awards, and Orcadia has disposed of Crinan and Dandy after a good resources report at Pilot. Hurricane update, Deltic say Shell are testing at Pensacola and EOG have an update.

Oil price, Diversified Energy, Touchstone, Serica. And finally…

Oil fell last week but is rallying hard today after China opens up. I am looking at the Bucket List at the moment and today assess the big chances at DEC given current natural gas prices and at Touchstone who have a portfolio swap today. I spoke to Serica CEO Mitch Flegg and now the circular is out we can see more data behind the early announcements.

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Oil price, Union Jack, UOG, IGas, PetroTal. And finally…

Oil fell sharply after worries that despite opening up, China would not grow for a while... Union Jack have further revenue from Wressle and UOG has had a duster at ASW-1X. IGas has appointed a new independent NED but so far no CEO and PTAL remind us that their management will be in London on the 19th of January.

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Oil price, San Leon, Angus, CEG, COPL, Beacon. And finally…

Oil rallies at the start of the year and San Leon have extended the term while they complete the OML18 transaction. CEG formally announce the Uruguay stuff that i wrote up last week and Angus have good production numbers. Finally all is unveiled at the New Beacon and COPL have more money from a lead investor.

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