The Bucket List Q4 Update

After many requests to update the Bucket List on a more regular basis I have decided to, if possible, update more regularly. Quite how to do it I’m not sure, I will take advice from you guys for the next one, this looks a  bit rough and ready…

For this one I have decided to keep the oil and gas charts on an annual (April 23/April 22)  basis to give an idea of how the commodities have moved.

Also whilst I may change members of the list at any time, now it will be more likely to be in a quarterly update, having said that, there are no changes at this time.

Finally, I have not adjusted any of the quarterly numbers for dividends, dilutive raises or such like, although this penalises high and regular payers the half/full year seems a better time to do it. For example big payers like DEC are 5th y/y including dividends so I may do divvis at the interim stage, your call.

Prices at @3rd April 1Q perf               Prices y/y position @3rd April 1Y perf

  1. Eco (Atlantic)                                   13=
  2. Scirocco                                             18
  3. Jersey Oil & Gas                              1
  4. PetroTal Corp                                  2
  5. Arrow Exploration                          8
  6. Genel Energy                                   12
  7. Touchstone Exploration                6
  8. Union Jack                                       3
  9. Jadestone Energy                           7
  10. Chariot                                              9=
  11. Afentra                                              13=
  12. Diversified Energy                          5
  13. Zephyr Energy                                 4
  14. Serica Energy                                   15
  15. Predator Oil & Gas                          17
  16. San Leon                                           9=
  17. Kistos                                                 11
  18. Southern Energy                             16
  19. IOG                                                    19