WTI (Sept) $96.38 -$3.50, Brent (Sept) $103.82 -$3.06, Diff -$7.44 +40c.

USNG (Sept) $7.70 -31c, UKNG (Aug) 290.0p +20.0p, TTF (Aug) €162.91 +€11.21

Oil price

Nothing to add on the oil price, all the usual factors, China Covid, Libya, even US domestic demand is now a factor, unbelievably the underlying pressure is still upwards.

Victoria Oil & Gas

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc, whose wholly owned subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun S.A. is the onshore gas producer and distributor with operations located in the port city of Douala, Cameroon, provides shareholders with a brief operations update for the second quarter of 2022 and an update on corporate matters.


·    Sales: Average daily gross gas sales rate for the quarter was 5.6 MMscf/d (up 2% on Q1 22: 5.5 MMscf/d), and a gross volume of 4,243 bbls (Q1 22: 4,691 bbls) condensate was shipped to customers.

·    Matanda: Rig contract negotiations continue and the mobilisation of a rig to Douala is expected to be complete by end July, this being at the owner’s own cost and risk. Site and access preparations will be somewhat hindered by the rainy season at this time of the year.


ICC Award: As announced on 4 April 2022, along with a Partial Final Award, the Tribunal directed the parties (GDC and RSM) to confer regarding the proposed procedure for resolution of costs and attorney’s fees (“Costs”) with a target date for resolution by 30 June 2022.

The Arbitration Panel and the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) are still evaluating a number of issues connected to the proceeding, including Costs, and consequently the ICC has extended the time limit for rendering the final award until 31 December 2022. We continue settlement discussions with RSM with a view towards achieving resolution of these matters and a commercially realistic settlement in a more timely manner and in lieu of the Arbitration Panel and ICC resolving these issues on behalf of the parties.


Quarterly Production

GDC continues to safely produce and sell natural gas to a variety of customers in the Douala area. Quarterly gross and net gas sales and condensate shipments at Logbaba are as follows (amounts shown in bold represent net gas and condensate sales attributable to GDC (57%)):

Q2 2022

Q1 2022

Gas sales (MMscf)






Industrial power





Total (MMscf)





Daily average gross gas sales rate (MMscf/d)



Condensate shipped (bbls)





Logbaba Field Performance

There were some very high daily sales in the quarter, with intra-day, instantaneous peaks occasionally reaching approximately 8.0 MMscf/d. The Logbaba field has now produced a cumulative of approximately 21.8 Bcf of natural gas, and GDC continues to use two of the three wells at any time.


GDC’s online customer count remained around 30 for the period.


The Company continues to market the Matanda Farm-Out opportunity and absent success with that process, the Company is progressing negotiations in relation to alternative sources of funding.

The Company has selected a 1,700 HP rig, which is moving to contract negotiation stage and, as previously disclosed, the rig owner has chosen to relocate the rig to Doula at his own risk and cost. In the event, that a contract is executed, there would likely be a mobilisation charge to move the truck-mounted rig from Douala to the Marula wellsite.

May heralded the start of the rainy season which of course makes groundworks more challenging.


The process to find a buyer for SGI continues. International sanctions continue to hinder funds transfers to Russia and limit the counterparties with which the Company can have discussions.

Roy Kelly, Chief Executive of Victoria Oil & Gas, commented:

“Demonstrating that it really is business as usual in Cameroon, we are very pleased to report that GDC achieved a third consecutive quarter of gas sales growth, with this growth being largely organic.

Following the Arbitral award against GDC at the start of the quarter, we continue to work with RSM to seek a post-award commercial settlement.”

Whilst the hoo ha about RSM continues and not worth adding any comment about, this update shows that the GDC business in Douala is continue to grow well as energy transition for power builds across Africa. 

Angus Energy

Angus Energy has announced the following progress update at its wholly owned Saltfleetby project:
• Wellhead gas has been introduced into the system
• Wellhead pressure remains high at 80+ bar
• Final commissioning of the compressor, electrical and instrument testing due over the weekend and early next week
• First nominations (sales) planned for next week
Furthermore, the Company’s site team has introduced well head gas into the first section of the facility. Well head pressures remain high at 80+ bar.
The commissioning sequence involves completion of cause and effect testing over areas of the plant whilst steadily introducing gas into those areas.
Minor electrical and instrumentation work on the storage tanks is scheduled to be completed by Monday.
The final step is commissioning the compressor over the weekend and to be completed early next week. Nominations to follow shortly thereafter, once the process has been stabilised to yield a reliable gas quality for export.

All seems to be going well for Angus at Saltfleetby and not long now before the RNS comes out saying that it is fully operational. The Angus team had foresight and optimism, they deserve the plaudits. 

And finally…

The 2nd England v South Africa ODI starts today, as I write it is raining in Manchester, funny that…Game 3 is on Sunday at the aptly named ‘Clean Slate Headingly’

Sunday sees the F1 French Grand Prix at the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet.

Racing sees the King George at Ascot, shame on the owners of Westover on the jockey front, Frankie rides Emily Upjohn and the Doyler gets the mount on Mishriff.