Malcolm knows the energy markets like the back of his hand. In our conversation, he explains why a nuclear deal with Iran is likely. In the Russia conflict, he relies on a diplomatic solution. Both factors could pull WTI Crude down to the sub-$80 level. Ultimately, however, with OPEC+ having the upper hand and investment in capacity curbed during the pandemic, the medium to long-term environment remains positive. A correction in energy values primarily represents an entry opportunity.

Malcolm has been an energy professional focused on oil prices and natural gas price trends for over 40 years. The co-founder of HydroCarbon Capital and director of venture capital trust Maven Income & Growth. His career in the sector began with Wood Mackenzie in the late 1970s. We look forward to your questions, LIVE in the stream!

00:00 Intro
05:00 Flaws in US energy policy
06:20 Iran nuclear deal likely
09:15 Power of OPEC was underestimated
10:50 How much air do the funding quotas have
13:20 Nuclear deal only temporarily burdens oil
19:20 Germany’s energy policy
21:10 Diplomatic solution Russia conflict
22:40 Energy market signals diplomatic solution
24:10 Short correction oil price likely
30:10 Oil price remains between USD 80-90 in the long term
32:20 OPEC is behind the wheel
41:18 What energy sectors exciting?