The 2021 Bucket List

It is a year since I ran the new Bucket List after the traumas of 2020 and included some changes. This is the order they have come out in and I have a few comments below. The 2022 List will be out in the next day or two but will likely not have many changes as it hasnt been quite such a year. An interview with Flagstaff accompanies the list.

Flagstaff TV: Malcolm’s Stock Bucket List 2021

1)Zephyr Energy +911.4%

2)Kistos +300.1%

3)IOG +268.3%

4)Serica  +253.3%

5)PetroTal Corp  +202.3%

6)Predator oil & Gas +72.1%

7)President Energy +62.7%

8)Jadestone Energy +50.5%

9)Wentworth Resources* +36.2%

10)Jersey Oil & Gas +16.2%

11)Diversified Energy Company* +3.68%

12)Genel Energy*  -0%

13)Touchstone Exploration -5.1%

14)Chariot -8.0%

15)Longboat Energy -13.9%

16)Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas  -15.4%

17)Scirocco Energy -18.6%

18)Union Jack Oil  -47.0%

19)BPC/ Challenger Energy Group -65.8%

So, 11 up, 7 down and 2 suspended…..I would expect both of them to come back higher, maybe a lot higher.

Savannah Energy and San Leon are currently suspended, they will be added as soon as they are requoted.

Yield stocks have had dividends added back to ensure total return.

Here are the prices and categories, apologies for rounding errors etc.

UK Stocks

Jersey Oil & Gas                               117.0p                                 136.0p    +16.2%

Serica Energy                                    99.69p                                 252.5p   +253.3%

IOG                                                     12.0p                                    32.2p     + 268.3%

UJO                                                     28.0p                                    14.84p   – 47.0%



Jadestone Energy                               55.8p                                    84.0p      +50.5%

PetroTal Corp                                     10.75p                                 21.75p    +202.3%

Touchstone Exploration                    120.0p                                113.5p     -5.1%

Savannah Energy                                7.4p    Suspended

President Energy                                1.46p                                   2.375p     +62.7%

Predator Oil & Gas                              3.4p                                     5.85p       +72.1%

Scirocco Energy                                   1.02p                                   0.83p       -18.6%

Chariot                                                  8.23p                                   7.57p       -8.0%



Diversified Oil & Gas                          111.6p                                 115.7p       +3.68%

Genel Energy                                       137.23p                               136.9p          0.0%

Wentworth Resources                       18.0p                                    24.52p       +36.2%

San Leon Energy                                  22.25p Suspended


NB Dividend stocks have taken between 7-12% of yield.


High Beta


Kistos                                                     131.4p                                  395.0p       +300.1%

Longboat Energy                                  76.0p                                    65.4p         -13.9%

Zephyr Energy                                       0.79p                                    7.20p        +911.4%

BPC/Challenger Energy Group           1.9p                                       0.65p        -65.8%

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas                       21.75p                                  18.38p      – 15.4%