Echo Energy

With apologies for the delay, the lack of WiFi on the steam trains of Southern Railways…..

Echo has announced the commencement of drilling at the CLM x-1 well on the Tapi Aike block, the first of an expected four-well exploration drilling programme. The primary target is a stratigraphic trap in the Magallanes Formation at a depth of some 2,000 metres TVD. A secondary horizon and a shallower secondary interval will also be triggered at lower depths and a TD of approximately 2,600 metres in two vertical sections.

Expect all the usual tests plus logging so completion should be in around 4weeks, further testing might add more time due to extensive testing and a well test. Allow for a further 5/6 weeks for any results from these tests.

Echo shareholders have waited a long time for drilling at Tapi Aike, although this is only the first in the campaign it is an exciting time for Echo after the long wait. They should exercise patience and control as the campaign unfolds.