Diversified Gas & Oil

DGO has extended its asset retirement agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky by 5 years announced in February and it now covers the period through to 31 December 2028.The terms remain largely unchanged and the company will post an additional $1m bond taking the total to $2.5m. This is a smart and safe move that will be advantageous to both DGO and Kentucky.


Getech has announced the signature of a licence agreement for an integrated suite of data and knowledge products. The value of this is $1m which will all be recognised as revenue in 2019.

This is excellent news for Getech who have already delivered significant H1 growth in both their order book and recurring revenue and this will build on that momentum by ‘aligning our high-value data products with our customers operational priorities ‘. Things are looking up at Getech which is quietly delivering on its long term targets.

Range Resources

Range has announced that it has withdrawn the Notice of Arbitration against the State of Georgia on a ‘without prejudice basis ‘.