Hurricane Energy

Hurricane Energy

The day some people thought might never happen has arrived, Hurricane has announced this morning first oil from the Lancaster EPS. On the 4th of June the Aoka Mizu start-up phase completed with a72-hour production test deemed to be “first oil”.

The combined flow from both wells during this test period reached and maintained the planned production rate of 20,000 b/d which marks the contractual provisional acceptance of the Aoka Mizu FPSO by Hurricane.

As has always been guided by the company this is only the start of the gradual ramp-up in facilities availability over the first six months of production towards long term efficiency of 85%. Indeed, the company in this announcement restates for clarity that existing guidance for facilities availability of three months at 45% and then a further three months at 65% resulting in average production rates of 9,000 b/d and 13,000 b/d respectively.

Whilst this is clearly a red letter day for Hurricane, it’s whole team led by Dr Trice deserve praise for delivering the first phase on time and within budget I know that no one at the company will be resting on their laurels. As has been said consistently throughout this whole process up to 12 months of stable production will be required in order to provide a clear view of the reservoir and ‘enable us to plan for associated full field development scenarios ‘.

Having said this the fact that at today’s AGM Dr Trice will be able to formally deliver the good news will be a moment of considerable triumph And pride and whilst it is too early to see off the industry nay sayers it is no doubt an opportunity to break out the cigars down at Eashing Mill.

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