Echo Energy

Echo Energy

Echo has announced that the 3D seismic survey across the western cube of its Tapi Aike licence in Argentina has been completed safely and efficiently. Processing of this data has already commenced and credit is due to the company for getting the process started in a timely and economically attractive fashion.

Whilst this announcement seems modest, and processing the data will take a while, investors should be pleased that the smaller eastern cubeProcessing  is nearing completion which will give the team a good start towards further progress at Tapi Aike.

This progress should mean that all remains on track for drilling TA on time with a spud date still anticipated to be Q4 2019 with partner and operator CGC. Accordingly, shareholders in Echo have something to look forward to later in the year and the shares look somewhat undervalued at this level.

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  1. Danny says:

    We are building towards a very exciting time. With the association with sound energy and the recent disappointing drill results the SP has taken a hit to a level that for new & topping up investors has huge potential. But let’s be reminded of our closely tied company SOU……there has to be mobile hydrocarbons in the ground that are commercial to add value. That is the risk in exploration but with Echo you have a CEO that will not over-inflate our position but approach each challenge in a manor that for me shows understanding of the sector he is in.

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