Month: June 2019

Echo Energy

Oil rallied yesterday and again this morning on further positive vibes from the trade talks which are back on with an attempt to have an agreement that the two Presidents can talk about at G20. I talk about Echo where the western cube data over Tapi Aike is complete and already being processed. This means that drilling on the licence is still on track for 4Q 2019.

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Oil price, Sound, Hurricane, Chariot And finally…

Oil is flat again after Chinese growth worries and trade concerns ahead of the G20 meeting. Today I talk about Sound Energy who are doing a modest raise and Hurricane who have produced and sold its first cargo of oil from the Lancaster EPS. Finally I look at Chariot where they are moving fast to look at development alternatives for the Anchois Gas Field in the Lixus licence offshore Morocco.

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Oil price, Amerisur, Reabold, Union Jack And finally…

As always oil is playing a roller coaster game, caught between politics and fundamentals. This morning the price has eased by around 50 cents. Today I look at Amerisur who have announced a success at Sol-1 and a disposal of 50% of PUT-8 to Occidental which makes a lot of sense. Also Reabold and Union Jack have had a huge discovery at West Newton which could be not just gas but a decent oil find as well, transformational, I should say so…

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Oil price, Aminex, Enteq, Talon, Range,

The oil price is a game of two halves, yesterday inventory levels dropped the price substantially, this morning two oil tankers have been attacked in the Gulf of Oman and oil is up 4%. Today I talk about Aminex after yesterday’s AGM where some home truths were told by all sides, its still a long haul but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I look at yesterday’s numbers from Enteq and what Range Resources are doing in Georgia as well as looking at another industry veteran joining Talon Petroleum.

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Oil price, Amerisur, Far Limited, Infrastrata And finally…

Oil had a down day but is firmly up as I write, trade wars with China was the reason yesterday but fundamentals remain strong. An update from Amerisur is very positive again with approval of the Oxy deal which will push forward drilling on key blocks in the portfolio. Production is good and CPO-5 remains on target. I talk to Far Limited which is in an exciting place with activity in Senegal upcoming and has a busy few months ahead, elsewhere Infrastrata has announced Vitol as its trading partner.

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VOX Markets podcast: Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas, Rockhopper Exploration, Hurricane Energy, Anglo-African Oil & Gas and Pantheon Resources

Today Malcy talks about the following stocks: Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas (ECO), Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), Hurricane Energy (HUR), Anglo-African Oil & Gas (AAOG) and Pantheon Resources (PANR).

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Oil price, Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas And finally…

Oil rallies on a combination of poor jobs data which might lead the Fed to cut rates, the Mexico tariff war over and talks at the SPIEF between the Saudis and the Russians on maintaining oil production cuts. This morning Eco Atlantic announce that the rig for the Orinduik block offshore Guyana is on the way and should spud around 26th of June.

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Oil price, Anglo African, Pantheon, Reabold, Upland, United, Sound Energy And finally…

Oil rallied yesterday and is higher again today, tariff wars are pushed to the side as the Russians and the Saudis present a united front on oil production. SPIEF meeting in St Petersburg bringing out all the big players. Anglo African ‘pause’ the CPR which is disappointing but say that oil is still flowing from the well, just how much though? Catching up with Pantheon and some of the companies that got licences in the OGA 31st offshore round.

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Core Finance interview: Dr JJ Traynor of Sound Energy

Malcolm Graham Wood talks to Dr JJ Traynor, the CFO of Sound Energy PLC.

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Genel Energy

in a flash blog whilst traveling I briefly cover news from Genel who are beefing up the senior management to accompany the building of the business.

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