Oil price, Savannah, IGas, Rose, Union Jack, Gulfsands, SDX, President And finally…

Oil prices are quiet ahead of G20 and the ensuing Opec+ meeting. I talk about Savannah Petroleum this morning as the completion of the Seven Energy deal nears, I also discuss IGas and their appeal being called in, Rose with a strengthening of management and Union Jack on the raise. I talk about the SDX well in Egypt and give links to an interview with Peter Levine and my Podcast with Doc Holliday of TMS.

Oil price, President, IGas/Egdon, Premier, Serica, Hunting, Wentworth And finally…

Oil surged on strong inventory data and short closing by money managers. Stock wise, President have a very positive AGM statement, IGas have a very psoitive find at Springs Road, Premier up their numbers at Zama, Serica are positive in their AGM statement, Hunting's update is pretty good and Wentworth cut guidance which disappoints.

Oil price, Genel, Petrofac And finally…

Oil in a lull at the moment with diplomatic solutions being exercised and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the Gulf. Genel has announced a share buy-back which adds to their overall return now they pay a divvi and doesnt affect overall growth potential, a wise manoeuvre which should garner support. Finally Petrofac announce their pre-close update in which all is in line with provided guidance. There is some effect of the SFO naming its clients but all clients relationships remain 'excellent'.

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Oil price, Pantheon, Gulf Keystone And finally…

Oil prices are up again today and that makes a substantial gain in the last week or so as the Gulf flares up and tensions rise. GDP worries are allayed as the US Fed indicate that rates will fall, maybe as soon as July. Pantheon call in a geophysicist to help with work in Alaska and to partner on the farm-out and I cover the Gulf Keystone AGM statement from Friday.

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Oil price, Chariot Oil & Gas

Oil was quiet yesterday but helped by the better than expected inventory figures, this morning it is up $1.50 ish after action in the Middle East. I talk to Julian Maurice-Williams, CFO at Chariot Oil & Gas about his portfolio and the recent Lixus licence acquisition.

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Echo Energy

Oil rallied yesterday and again this morning on further positive vibes from the trade talks which are back on with an attempt to have an agreement that the two Presidents can talk about at G20. I talk about Echo where the western cube data over Tapi Aike is complete and already being processed. This means that drilling on the licence is still on track for 4Q 2019.

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Oil price, Sound, Hurricane, Chariot And finally…

Oil is flat again after Chinese growth worries and trade concerns ahead of the G20 meeting. Today I talk about Sound Energy who are doing a modest raise and Hurricane who have produced and sold its first cargo of oil from the Lancaster EPS. Finally I look at Chariot where they are moving fast to look at development alternatives for the Anchois Gas Field in the Lixus licence offshore Morocco.

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