Jersey Oil & Gas

JOG announced yesterday that the West Phoenix rig will shortly move to Equinor UK and start a three well programme of which the Verbier appraisal is the third. This should give the company a good idea when drilling is imminent as they look to define the numbers at Verbier. The company also announced that the fast track data from the 3D seismic run over the enlarged area was delivered in December and interpretation is already under way. In my view this is as exciting as anything, given the exciting nature of potential in the area.

President Energy

I caught up with Peter Levine, Chairman of President Energy yesterday and the link to the interview is below. As usual it was a fascinating discussion with no holes barred and shareholders should find it most interesting.

Core Finance CEO interview: Peter Levine of President Energy

Voxmarkets Podcast

Slightly delayed as I’ve been away from the office a lot this week meeting companies here is my podcast from Monday morning.

VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Faroe Petroleum, Ophir Energy, SDX Energy, President Energy, Amerisur Resources and Premier Oil

I will catch up with VOG and Lamprell tomorrow although both announcements seem to be satisfactory.