Oil price, Victoria Oil & Gas And finally…

WTI $45.59 -29c, Brent $53.82 -53c, Diff -$8.23 -24c, NG $3.82 +23c

Oil price

Not much to add, as expected very thin trade to be expected into the new year, as a result any nuance in foreign policy such as the Mattis resignation or potential shut down of the US Government is  called as a negative. I still believe that prices will rally next year as Opec+ starts to make their production cuts felt.

Victoria Oil & Gas

Christmas has come a day early for long suffering shareholders in VOG, nearly a year after ENEO pulled the rug and a new, better contract has been signed. Increasingly long power-outs leading to unrest and industry protests has meant that VOG is now in a stronger position than before and that is not including the changes to the business model that the company have made since the original contract was lost.

This long term gas supply contract with ENEO, due to last for three years, gives stability and higher prices all the year round rather than the old one which moved sharply from season to season. GDC will deliver peak quantities of 6.1 mmscf/d to the ENEO Logbaba power station with a minimum base load of 80%, 4.9 mmscf/d as a take or pay over the year which will increase current daily gas average consumption by more than 100% to approximately 8.8 mmscf/d. Prices are $6.75 up to $6.95 per MMBtu which increases over the contract term. The is even some potential upside from this as ENEO’s 20 MW Bassa Power Station in Douala also offers ‘a platform for further gas sales opportunities’.

2018 will be best forgotten for VOG and its shareholders, whilst the management has always been confident that a resolution would be reached many milestones passed without restoration of the contract. The really good news is that not only have they got a pretty solid three year deal, they have been upgrading the business margin in the remainder of the company’s commercial areas. In absence of  the ENEO contract local companies have tied in to GDC gas for a variety of needs such as thermal and industrial power needs where new customers have been brought on stream. Add to that the potential for the CNG developments with Naturelgaz and once again VOG should be in a very strong position.

And finally…

The Toffees hosted Spurs last night and came away losing 2-6, at long last the top of the table is becoming highly competitive.

Too many sporting fixtures to name over the next few days but plenty of footy, rugby and of course chasing from Kempton and Cheltenham.

I will write a blog if anything big comes up, but in the meantime I would just like to wish all the blog readers a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2019. Thank you very much for your support in what has been a pretty difficult year.

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  1. john says:

    Many thanks Malcy for all your input over 2018
    which has been extremely helpful.

    Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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