Month: May 2018

Oil price, Range Resources, Echo Energy, Erratum And finally…

WTI $67.88 -$2.83, Brent $76.44 -$2.35, Diff -$8.56 +48c, NG $2.94 n/c Oil price I suspect that seeing the oil price fall by $4 just on the rumours of a change in policy by the Opec/Non-Opec participants may make them

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Oil price, Echo Energy, Frontera Resources, Zenith Energy, President Energy And finally…

WTI $70.71 -$1.13, Brent $78.79 -$1.01, Diff -$8.08 +12c, NG $2.94 +3c Oil price The big question now is, have we reached a level at which most industry participants find acceptable? At $80 it seems that talks between producers are

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Oil price, Range Resources, VOG, RockRose, Genel, 30th round And finally…

WTI $71.84 -36c, Brent $79.80 +23c, Diff -$7.96, NG $2.91 +1c Oil price The oil price has again been mixed, some weakness as the market think that Opec and Non-Opec will break ranks, not something I think will either happen

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Premier Oil, Rockhopper Exploration, Echo Energy, Hurricane Energy, Genel Energy, SDX Energy, Igas Energy, Ophir Energy

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Premier Oil #PMO, Rockhopper Exploration #RKH, Echo Energy #ECHO, Hurricane Energy #HUR, Genel Energy #GENL, SDX Energy #SDX, Igas Energy #IGAS and Ophir Energy #OPHR

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Oil price, BP, Faroe, Cabot, Empyrean, Bahamas Petroleum, i3 Energy And finally…

WTI $72.13 -11c, Brent $79.57 +35c, Diff -$7.44 +46c, NG $2.91 +10c Oil price Pick your own crude and decide if you are a bull or a bear, yesterday all choices were on offer. Brent tried to break through the

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SDX Energy

SDX Energy SDX has announced the result of the Kelvin-1 exploration well at South Disouq in Egypt. As I am on the move today I will write up my thoughts in detail tomorrow but having seen the share price this

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Oil price, Kosmos Energy, Zenith Energy, Getech Group And finally…

WTI $71.28 -21c, Brent $78.51 -79c, Diff -$7.23 -58c, NG $2.85 -1c Oil price A quiet day on Friday, crude still ended up on the week, WTI by 58c and Brent by $1.39, this morning we are up by around

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Oil price, SDX, Echo Energy, Zenith, Amerisur, Rockhopper, Ophir, Petrofac And finally…

WTI $71.49 n/c, Brent $79.30 +2c, Diff -$7.81 +2c, NG $2.86 +4c Oil price At one stage yesterday it looked like WTI would stay above $72 and Brent above $80 but the strength of the Greenback killed that one off.

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Hurricane, SDX, Genel Energy

Hurricane Energy Like London buses, news from HUR is coming thick and fast, today we hear that the buoy for the Lancaster EPS has sailed away from DryDock World in Dubai on time. A substantial piece of kit, we saw

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Oil price, Hurricane, Zenith, Premier And finally…

WTI $71.31 +35c, Brent $78.43 +20c, Diff -$7.12 -15c, NG $2.84 -1c Oil price The oil price just about managed a small gain yesterday although conditions were hardly ideal, disappointing Chinese growth stats and a strong dollar wouldn’t have helped.

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