Month: February 2018

Malcy’s Bucket list 2018 and 2017 review, with apologies for the delay… The 2017 bucket list was an entirely different game to that of 2016, last year the oil price was at its high on bucket list day, $57 for …

The -delayed- bucket list 2018, six new stocks in now, further review planned for June. Read More »

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Malcolm is Joined by Ed Bowen, CEO of EPI Group – a private consultancy taking advantage of the stabilization of the oil industry.

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President Energy PPC has announced record results in January with each of their concessions making good returns and contributing profits. In the month the Argentine assets generated $1.3m after opex, G&A and finance costs. Positive cash generation was higher at …

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SDX Energy A slight disappointment today for SDX as the KSS-2 well has come in as ‘not a commercial success’. With the well attempting a step out location with directional drilling targeting the upthrown side of the main bounding fault …

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WTI $62.39 +84c, Brent $65.67 +83c, Diff -$3.48 +32c, NG $2.64 +8c Oil price IP Week started more with a whimper than a bang, what with the US shut for GW’s birthday it seemed that traders were focused more on …

Oil price, Frontera Resources And finally… Read More »

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Malcy talks about the following stocks: Hurricane Energy #HUR, Faroe Petroleum #FPM, Saffron Energy #SRON, Reabold Resources #RBD, United Oil & Gas #UOG, Upland Resources #UPL and Baron Oil #BOIL

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WTI $61.68 +34c, Brent $64.84 +51c, Diff -$3.16 +17c, NG $2.56 -2c Oil price Last week WTI was up $2.48 and Brent +$2.05, it didnt feel that good but the heavyweights came in from Opec and Non-Opec and lifted the …

Oil price, Zenith Energy, EnQuest, Sundry-RockRose-Baron Oil- And finally… Read More »

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WTI $61.34 +74c, Brent $64.33 -3c, Diff -$2.99 -77c, NG $2.58 -1c Oil price Traders say it was a funny old day in the market yesterday, an early sell off was closed with a weak greenback helping out, but WTI …

Oil price, Saffron/Coro, Victoria Oil & Gas, Zenith, Link And finally… Read More »

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Sara Edmonson the newly appointed ceo Coro Energy talks to Malcolm about the big changes the upstream gas producer has been going through including its name change (from Saffron energy) and 2018 focus on building up its pan Euro Asia …

Core Finance CEO interview: Sara Edmonson of Coro Energy Read More »

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WTI 60.60 +$1.41, Brent $64.36 +$1.64, Diff -$3.76 +23c, NG $2.59 -1c Oil price The traders took advantage of the better than expected EIA inventory stats to buy crude and the futures yesterday in what was described as a ‘thin’ …

Oil price, Coro, RockRose And finally… Read More »

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