Month: December 2017

Interactive Investor interview: Oil shares to keep an eye on in 2018

With many oil stocks not having yet caught up with higher oil prices, Malcolm Graham-Wood names the oil shares that could surprise next year.

Interactive Investor interview: Risks and themes to drive oil prices in 2018

After their recent rally, oil industry analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood tells what will drive oil prices in 2018, and where they might end the year.

Oil price, Savannah Petroleum, SDX Energy, Rock Rose Energy And finally…

WTI $58.36 +27c, Brent $64.90 +34c, Diff -$6.54 +7c, NG $2.60 -4c Oil price Oil continued its rally yesterday but not before a shaky start when Ineos announced that the Forties pipeline would be repaired by Christmas and restarted in

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Oil price, VOG, Columbus, Pantheon, IOG, And finally…

WTI $58.09 +53c, Brent $64.56 +76c, Diff -$6.47 +14c, NG $2.64 -5c Oil price As we move towards the end of the year the bulls have the upper hand, marginally. Yesterday it was all about inventories and the numbers were

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Oil price, VOG, Sound, Cabot, Hurricane, Savannah Petroleum, BPC, Wentworth, Sundry-SDX-Genel And finally…

WTI $57.46 +30c, Brent $63.80 +39c, Diff -$6.34 +9c, NG $2.69 -5c Oil price As the market quiets down ahead of the holiday a couple of bullish factors emerge, on the geopolitical front the stakes are rising in the Yemen

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Oil price, Range Resources, Zenith Energy, Hurricane Energy, And finally…

WTI $57.16 -14c, Brent $63.41 +18c, Diff -$6.25 +32c, NG $2.74 +13c Oil price Mixed fortunes yesterday, Brent rallied when the Nigerian strike was announced and even when it appeared to be off, still gained on the day. I expect

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Oil price, Echo Energy, Zenith Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Hunting, Ophir Energy And finally…

WTI $57.30 +26c, Brent $62.23 -8c, Diff -$5.93 -34c, NG $2.61 -7c Oil price For a benchmark crude that is facing 2/3 weeks of production down by around 450/- b/d Brent is surprisingly flat, it probably gives off warning signs

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Proactive Investor interview: Echo Energy resumes trading on AIM after proposed Argentinian acquisition

Malcolm Graham-Wood caught up with Proactive’s Andrew Scott after Echo Energy Plc (LON:ECHO) resumed trading on London’s AIM market. The move follows the release of an admission document on the proposed acquisition of assets in Argentina. Graham Wood also talks

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Core Finance CEO interview: Fiona MacAulay of Echo Energy

Echo Energy plc is a listed South and Central American focused gas company. Malcolm discusses the company’s pursuit of a high value piped onshore gas strategy across South and Central America with the CEO of Echo Energy Fiona MacAulay.

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Oil price, SDX Energy, President Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Amerisur Resources, Sundry-Petrofac-IOG- And finally…

WTI $57.04 +44c, Brent $63.31 +87c, Diff -$6.27 +43c, NG $2.68 -3c Oil price At this rate with crude up modestly this morning the week may end up being flat or even up a touch, news in the market has

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