Core Finance CEO interview: Peter Levine of President Energy

CEO of President Energy, Peter Levine, talks about the company’s well programme at the very recently acquired Neuquen Basin assets at Puesto Flores and Estancia Vieja. “Argentina (and South America) is the right place to be,” says Levine while discussing the well programme.

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3 comments on “Core Finance CEO interview: Peter Levine of President Energy
  1. Jonathan Mylroie says:

    I’ve never been quite as excited by the picking up of other people’s crumbs from under their table!
    Also intrigued by the mention of 1 and a half acquisitions. This sounds to me like one large acquisition and one not quite as large. Exciting prospect now!

  2. Jim says:

    Phew, that was quite uncomfortable watching that. Well done Malcy, not an easy bloke to interview for sure, certainly made you earn your corn, fella. He reminded me a bit of Richard Harris off of the “Wild Geese” film.

    All that said, I’d say he knows his onions, he’s got a massive position in this company, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Let’s hope he doesn’t get run down by a bus, or shot by Richard Burton on the tarmac at Zembala air strip… he’s the key driving force behind the success of the venture.

    • Malcy says:

      Thanks Jim, yup he’s quite hard going compared to some! But he is very smart and not many chiefs would have identified the assets and knowing how long and hard it would be, still go after them. I agree about life insurance…
      Kind regards

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