IG interview: The Oil Bucket List beats the market

Malcolm Graham-Wood looks across the performance of his Bucket List of oil stocks that he’s following. So far, 2017 is a poor relation to 2016, but he is still beating the market.

2 comments on “IG interview: The Oil Bucket List beats the market
  1. Paul Cousins, 10 Silversmiths Way, Woking says:

    I’ve now listened to your Bucket list comments on Amerisur.

    You say that you are expecting production to increase substantially by 2017 year end. You mean that transport limitation of 5,000bopd will be raised this year, or simply that it stays at 5,000bopd for longer, and that the ONGC project comes onstream at a good rate.

    Hopefully it is both, and not just production from the CPO-5 Mariposa-1 well?

    In your opinion is the OBA limit likely to be raised? I agree that the market is concerned by the production limits of the OBA.

    • Malcy says:

      Hi Paul
      The OBA can take way more than 5/- barrels a day it depends on various things but the company forecasts must include more throughput as its not all Mariposa.
      Kind regards

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