WTI $46.43 +21c, Brent $49.34 +24c, Diff -$2.91 +3c, NG $3.17 -9c

Oil price

Weak support is probably the right way to describe yesterday in the oil market, solid words from Saudi and Russia just about kept the bears away. Energy Ministers al-Falih and Novak weighed in, the former saying that the producers would ‘do what it takes’ to rebalance the market and would extend the deal and maybe through next year, the latter gave his support.

Amerisur Resources

With so much good news in recent weeks from AMER, Chairman Giles Clarke in his AGM statement this morning had little left to add but he did let out a few pearls to the shareholders watching and reading. Activities in the year to date have exceeded the board’s expectations with production growing, exploration success and the social environment improving as the peace process evolves. With the recent discoveries at Platanillo-22 and Mariposa-1 in the Llanos Basin confidence is high and the company has accelerated the drilling schedule and will now drill 16 wells by the end of 2018. Finally the guidance for production is firmed up, an exit rate for this year is now ‘on track’ for a more confidant 7/- b/d whilst the board ‘consider 20,000 bopd of production to be a realistic and achievable medium term production target’. This is very much what the punters wanted to hear and with costs down significantly things are very much back on the up for Amerisur…

Voxmarkets Podcast

Yesterday I returned to the Podcast and covered news on Hurricane, Savannah, Amerisur and Trinity, the link is below…

VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Hurricane Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Amerisur Resources and Trinity Exploration and Production

And finally…

Apologies rugby fans who were upset that I hadnt covered the weekends news, I was running late enough but should have included! As it was Wasps beat what was considered a weakened Sarries team to get a home draw against Leicester whilst in the other semi the Chiefs will host Sarries. With the other final upcoming Sarries might feel that the sacrifice was worth it, we shall see.

Last night Chelski comfortably beat Boro who are relegated and the blues can tie up the Prem on Friday night.