IG interview: Will 2017 be another year of ‘sex and violence’ for the ‘Bucket List’?

Malcolm Graham-Wood promised a year of ‘sex and violence’, and that’s what we got. Malcolm says that as the price of oil rises 2017 will be the year for American shale.

13 comments on “IG interview: Will 2017 be another year of ‘sex and violence’ for the ‘Bucket List’?
  1. Kirk Dickenson (Crudehope on LSE) says:

    Very impressive ‘bucket list’ Malcy.: Sound Energy only third with a 425% increase………….but incredibly enough we could top that in 2017! Sound Energy look to be the busiest small cap O&G next year with their potential super gas giant about to open up the latest new hydrocarbons province: East Morocco is where the action will be in 2017!

    Cheers & happy Christmas Malcy………


  2. David Winter says:

    Hi Malcy , I invested £16,000 in Hurricane Energy back in Sept 2014 and watched the share price drop from 44p to 10p , then based on your bucket list on your excellent blog I invested a further £30,000 in an isa at 10.25p a share , in March/ April 2016 , what a great decision that was . I will hold on to my shares until all the data from the 4 wells is released next year , when I will sell , with the proceeds paying for a home to retire to .
    Many thanks

  3. John Rimmer says:

    Happy Christmas …Great articles this year and all for free ! …..Hopefully you will mention the British contingent in MotoGP next year in your ‘and finally’ spot….I know you can’t cover all sport but Cal Crutchlow’s achievements (2 wins against World Class ‘works’ opposition on a ‘satellite’ machine ) deserve at least a mention (AND they promote oil use!)
    Regards and Best Wishes to you and your family

  4. Burt McCarthy says:

    I am new to your blogs so can you please tell me what The Bucket List is all about.

    Many thanks, and a Healthy, Hoppy and Prosperous New Year.

    Burt McCarthy

    • Malcy says:

      Hiya, its a list of my favourite companies and meant to be a spread across the sector. Whilst all should be well managed, soundly financed and with a good portfolio there are some differences in Beta. Some have potentially game changing wells to drill, others more well spread.An updated list will appear at the end of January.

  5. Jason O'Connell says:

    Looking forward to the updated list Malcolm

  6. Paul Hardman says:

    When are you going to release your bucket list for 2017 Malcy.
    Did great this year with Sou and a couple of others and sitting on a £25k holding running completely free, thank you for all your coverage of Sound Energy this year, you are someone we can trust.
    Hope to meet you on one of the future Sound events.
    Kind regards and hope you have a great 2017.

    • Malcy says:

      Hi Paul
      Many thanks for you kind words, i am doing the new bucket list at the moment, may have a few of this years still in it!
      Probably meet you at the Shard for the next Sound event, looking forward to it.
      Kind regards

  7. Andy says:

    Excited to see if SAVP is included in the 2017 list.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  8. Phil says:

    Hi Malcy,

    I follow your view/predictions with great interest.

    Following your recent broadcasts…..Is SDX likely to appear on your 2017 Bucket List?


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