Month: December 2016

Oil price, Amerisur, Victoria Oil & Gas, Sundry-Faroe-IGTV interview on bucket list.

WTI $52.95 +46c, Brent $55.05 +59c, Diff -$2.10 +13c, NG $3.54 n/c Oil price The oil market is now almost shut for the Christmas holiday and was solid yesterday on the back of pretty good US economic data. It is

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IG interview: Will 2017 be another year of ‘sex and violence’ for the ‘Bucket List’?

Malcolm Graham-Wood promised a year of ‘sex and violence’, and that’s what we got. Malcolm says that as the price of oil rises 2017 will be the year for American shale.

Oil price, Rockhopper, Sundry- Cape- RockRose Energy- Falcon-, Aminex/Solo, And finally…

WTI $52.49 -81c, Brent $54.46 -89c, Diff -$1.97 -53c, NG $3.54 +28c Oil price Just as I said that the inventory stats would remain helpful we got one that rather unsettled the market. With the EIA showing a build of

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VOX Markets podcast: includes Malcy on Hurricane Energy

This week Malcy talks about: Hurricane Energy #HUR

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Oil price, SOCO, Sirius Petroleum, And finally…

WTI $53.30 +24c, Brent $55.35 +43c, Diff -$2.50 -30c, NG $3.26 -13c Oil price Trading continues to quieten down ahead of the Christmas break but the inventory figures should remain reasonably supportive. The API reported a 4.2m draw yesterday and

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Interactive Investor interview: Favourite oil major for 2017 named

With oil prices on the rise, Malcolm Graham-Wood names his favourite oil major and discusses what the next 12 months may hold.

Interactive Investor interview: AIM’s most exciting oil stock for 2017

Malcolm Graham-Wood reveals the 10 small-caps he thinks will do best over the next year, and the names his star tip for the year.

Interactive Investor interview: Is oil sector a buy in 2017?

A landmark deal between OPEC and producers outside the oil cartel has been great news for oil shares. Malcolm Graham-Wood discusses the price outlook for the year ahead.

Oil price, Rockhopper, Amerisur, Faroe, And finally…

WTI $52.12 +22c, Brent $54.92 -29c, Diff -$2.80 -51c, NG $3.39 -2c Oil price The only major item of note yesterday was a narrowing of the discount of WTI to Brent, this  came partly as traders feel that the the

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Oil price,BP, Hurricane, Aminex/Solo, And finally…

WTI $51.90 +$1.00, Brent $55.21 +$1.19, Diff -$3.31 +19c, NG $3.41 -2c Oil price A modest end to a tumultuous week and oil prices have pretty much kept to the highs after the Opec deal was announced. With a strong

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