Month: May 2016

Oil price, Range Resources, Victoria Oil & Gas, Amerisur Resources, Sundry -KRG- And finally…

WTI $49.33 -15c, Brent $49.32 -27c, Diff +$0.01 -12c, NG $2.17 +2c Oil price The Summer  Opec meeting starts on thursday and as usual, claim and counter claim is being made. Nothing has changed me views from Friday and I

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Vox Markets podcast: 5 stocks to put on your watchlist

Oil price, Cape, President, Sundry-Genel-IOG-

WTI $49.98 -8c, Brent $49.59 -15c, Diff -$0.11 -7c, NG $1.96 -3c Oil price It’s a big weekend in a lot of ways but no greater than in the US where it is Memorial Day on Monday which of course

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Oil price, Falcon Oil & Gas, Sundry-Amec FW-Savannah- And finally…

WTI $49.56 +94c, Brent $49.74 +$1.13, Diff -$0/18 +19c, NG $1.99 +1c Oil price Brent has climbed through $50 this morning and WTI is not far behind it. The big question is, will this encourage producers, particularly in the US

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Oil price, IGas, Sundry-Range Resources-Exxon-Woodside-Sound- And finally…

WTI $48.62 +54c, Brent $48.61 +26c, Diff +$0.01 -28c, NG $1.98 -8c Oil prices The first up day for a while and that was before the API inventory number came out after the close. Trying to pick the bones out

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Sundry-Faroe-Xcite- And finally…

WTI $48.08 -33c, Brent $48.35 -37c, Diff $0.27 -4c, NG $2.06 -1c Oil price Another quiet day in the market, the greenback remains firm exerting downward pressure on crude and I suspect that the inventory stats may provide most of

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Oil price, Andes Energia, Europa/Union Jack, Sundry-Petroceltic-Lansdowne-And finally…

WTI $48.41 -26c, Brent $48.72 b-9c, Diff $0.31 -34c, NG $2.06 +2c Oil price It’s not just because oil didnt break $50 last week but at these prices it certainly seems that some sort of equilibrium has been reached, at

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Oil price, Circle Oil, Sundry-AEP-GKP-Oil Search- And finally…

WTI $48.16 -3c, Brent $48.81 -12c, Diff $0.65 -9c, NG $2.04 +4c Oil price The oil price will end up on the week but with a whimper not a bang. Yesterday the continued strength of the greenback kept the wrappers

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Oil price, Cairn/Far, EnQuest, Sundry-BP-Technip/FMC- And finally…

WTI $48.19 -12c, Brent $48.93 -35c, Diff $0.74 -23c, NG $2.00 -5c Oil price More of a technical day for the oil price yesterday, the Fed April minutes came out and left the options open for a rate rise in

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Oil price, Hurricane Energy, ConocoPhillips-Sundry-BP-Sea Energy- And finally…

WTI $48.31 +59c, Brent $49.28 +31c, Diff $0.97 -28c, NG $2.05 +2c Oil price All a bit mixed at the moment but definitely bullish for choice, the situation in Canada appears to be getting worse and with all the outages

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