Month: March 2016

Oil price, Sundry results-Caza-Borders & Southern-RockRose Energy- And finally…

WTI $38.32 +4c, Brent $39.26 +12c, Diff $0.94 +8c, NG $2.00 +2c Oil price Its the last day of the quarter and with expiry and some window dressing this is not the day for traders to get brave all of

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Oil price, Bowleven, Chariot, Sundry-Falklands-Plexus-Pantheon- And finally…

WTI $38.28 -$1.11, Brent $39.14 -$1.13, Diff $0.86 -2c, NG $1.90 +5c Oil price Even a weak greenback couldnt hold the oil price yesterday and after Janet Yellen said that she would ‘take extreme care’ before tightening policy and that

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Oil price, Amerisur, Faroe, Sundry-President-Cadogan/Ascent- And finally…

WTI $39.39 -7c, Brent $40.27 -17c, Diff $88c -10c, NG $1.85 +4c Oil price Oil price bulls have a long three weeks ahead of them as they wait anxiously for the meeting in Doha on 17th April. It is not

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Oil price, Parkmead, Lamprell, Ithaca, Sundry-Wood Group-Gulfsands- And finally…

WTI $39.79 -$1.66, Brent $40.47 -$1.32, Diff 68c +34c, NG $1.79 -7c Oil price The euphoria of earlier in the week has dissipated and so it should, excitement about a meeting that can only freeze production with no ability to

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Interactive Investor interview: Is IEA right to say oil has bottomed?

Oil prices and equity valuations have begun to rise again, but oil analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood thinks there may be a few surprises left in 2016.

Interactive Investor interview: Embarrassingly good oil stocks named

Malcolm Graham-Wood’s 2016 ‘bucket list’ already has some stunning performers just weeks after launch. The oil analyst also gives his view on North Sea oil tax and Shell vs BP.

Interactive Investor interview: Get excited about UK Oil & Gas

It’s still early stages, but the Weald Basin looks exciting, admits oil analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood. Here’s what he has to say about UK Oil & Gas.

Oil price, Genel, Schlumberger, Sundry-Vitol- And finally..

WTI $39.91 +47c, Brent $41.54 +34c, Diff $1.63 -13c, NG $1.83 -8c Oil price With WTI expiring last night and the holiday weekend fast approaching there is a feeling of apathy in the market, most unprofessional I hear you say.

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Oil price, Xcite Energy, Bahamas Petroleum, Sundry-Cape-Argos-Tony Hayward-Ayman Asfari- And finally…

WTI $39.44 -76c, Brent $41.20 -34c, Diff $1.76 +42c, NG $1.91 -3c Oil price The oil price ended up on the week, just. The bulls are hanging on for the Doha meeting at which January production levels will be frozen

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Oil price, Gulf Keystone, Gulfsands, Sundry-Cape- Genel- And finally…

WTI $40.20 +$1.74, Brent $41.54 +$1.21, Diff $1.34 -53c, NG $1.94 +7c Oil price The market is clearly believing that next months meeting is not only going to happen but that it will deliver an agreement that will truly make

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