Month: February 2016

Oil price, Genel, Sound Energy, Pantheon, VOG, Savannah/New Age, And finally…

WTI $32.78 -29c, Brent $35.10 -19c, Diff $2.32 +10c, NG $1.79 +1c Oil price Oil prices rose last week, WTI was up $1.03 and Brent +$2.09 although it might have been more. With some delivery problems earlier in the week

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Oil price, Catch up on Wood Group, Petrofac, Faroe, Premier, Sound Energy, Petroceltic, And finally…

WTI $33.07 +92c, Brent $35.29 +88c, Diff $2.22 -41c, NG $1.71 -7c Oil price Three days since the last blog, a number of early meetings and travel have kept me away from the desk so I will do a whirlwind

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Oil price, Range Resources, Chariot Oil & Gas, Sundry-Cape-EnQuest/Cairn-Nostra Terra-Hurricane-Argos-Petroceltic- And finally…

WTI $29.64 -$1.13, Brent $33.01 -$1.27, Diff $3.37 -14c, NG $1.80 -5c Oil Price To be honest there is not much to mention about the oil price after last week. Losing over a buck a barrel on Friday meant that

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The Bucket List- 2016 Update

WTI $30.77 +11c, Brent $34.28 -22c, Diff $3.51 -33c, NG $1.85 -9c The Bucket List – 2016 Update   When I started the bucket list last year I pointed out that it was not a list of share recommendations per

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Oil price, Amerisur, Providence Resources, Sundry- Victoria Oil & Gas-Tullow-Xcite-Petroceltic- And finally…

WTI $30.66 +$1.62, Brent $34.50 +$2.32, Diff $3.84 +70c, NG $1.94 +4c Oil price Further gains in the oil market yesterday as bulls pounced on any potentially good news around. It could easily be found after the meeting between Iran,

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Interactive Investor Interview: Oil stocks to avoid

There are some fantastic oil companies around, but some real dogs, too. Industry analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood tells reveals how investors can spot them and avoid nasty losses.

Interactive Investor Interview: Best oil shares to own right now

Malcolm Graham-Wood’s bucket list is the equivalent of an investment trust for oil and gas stocks. He names the best shares which are “cheap as chips” and still viable at $30 a barrel.

Interactive Investor Interview: Here’s when oil shares will really recover

Oil industry analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood explains the unhealthy link between oil and equity markets, predicts when oil shares will pick up and whether dividends are safe.

Oil price, Savannah, Sundry-Pantheon-Gatwick Airport- And finally…

WTI $29.04 -40c, Brent $32.18 -$1.18, Diff $3.14 -81c, NG $1.90 -6c Oil price The oil market treated the so called ‘Doha accord’ with the contempt that it deserved. I’m not saying that we didnt believe a word of it

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Egdon/Union Jack, Sundry-Shell/BG- Soco- And finally…

WTI $29.44 +$3.23, Brent $33.36 +$3.30, Diff $3.92 +7c, NG $1.97 -3c Oil price Today is Washington’s Birthday or Presidents Day, either way its a Federal holiday and most oil markets are closed. This maybe partly to do with the

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