Month: January 2016

Oil price, Providence Resources, Sundry-Results-BG- And finally…

WTI $33.22 +92c, Brent $33.89 +79c, Diff -67c +13c, NG $2.18 +2c Oil price Talk around the market place is all about the potential for talks between Opec and Russia or more accurately the Saudis and Russia. Whether or not

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Oil price, Shell, Kosmos, Victoria Oil & Gas, Sundry-IOG- And finally…

WTI $32.50 +85c, Brent $33.10 +$1.30, Diff -80c -45c, NG $2.19 +1c Oil price The market remains full of chatter about an Opec/non-Opec meeting to discuss production cuts but is acutely aware that expectations should not be raised too much.

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Oil price, Sundry-Range Resources-Ophir-And finally…

WTI $31.45 +1.11, Brent $31.80 +$1.30, Diff $35c -19c, NG $2.18 +2c Oil price The oil price rise yesterday was based on industry rumour that Opec and non-Opec would get together and cut production, even the USA were being talked

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Oil price, Sound Energy, Amerisur, Lamprell, and finally…

WTI $30.34 -$1.85, Brent $30.50 -$1.68, Diff -16c -17c, NG $2.16 +2c Oil price So somebody was watching the Straights of Hormuz after all and has started counting the Iranian vessels off to old markets. Traders were still sorting out

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Oil price, Ophir, Plexus, Sundry-Andes Energia-Hurricane-Caza-Halliburton- And finally…

WTI $32.19 +$2.66, Brent $32.18 +$2.93, Diff +1c -27c, NG $2.14 n/c Oil price The rise on Friday of 10% appears to have energised oil market punters so much so that on a dog walk yesterday I was advised by

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Oil price, Pantheon, Providence, President, Sundry-Schlumberger-Northern- Petroceltic- And finally…

WTI $29.53 +$1.18, Brent $29.25 +$1.37, Diff +28c -$1.61, NG $2.14 +2c Oil price At last a rally as traders sensed some short closing yesterday and it has carried over into today, as I write WTI is $30.91 and Brent

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Oil price, San Leon, And finally…

WTI $26.55 -$1.91, Brent $27.88 -88c, Diff -$1.33 +$1.03, NG $2.12 +3c Oil price The first thing to spot from the above is the increase in the discount of WTI to Brent and then dismiss it. February WTI went off

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Oil price, Shell/BG,Genel, Sundry-VOG-Plexus-Thalassa-Faroe

WTI 28.46 -96c, Brent $28.76 -18c, Diff -30c -117c, NG $2.09 -1c Oil price The reprieve for the oil price was indeed temporary and when the IEA report came out with its headline of the oil market ‘drowning in oversupply’

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IG Interview: ‘Massive write downs and impairments’ coming in oil and gas

Malcolm Graham Wood tells IG that he is still ‘short’ oil and the $7.2b write down from BHP is just the start of a number of high profile headlines in the sector.

Oil price, Cairn/Far, Sundry- Empyrean- And finally…

WTI $29.42 n/c, Brent $28.55 -39c, Diff +87c, NG $2.12 +2c Oil price With WTI not trading yesterday, Brent eased as the impact from any Iranian crude is likely to be felt on it rather than the US crude, this

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