Month: October 2015

Oil price, BG Group, Cape, Sundry-Round up-Global-US results due-Primeline-III interviews-And finally…

WTI $46.06 +12c, Brent $48.80 -25c, Diff $2.74 -37c, NG $2.26 -4c Oil price It looks like oil will have an up week unless something goes terribly wrong, yesterday was listless with US GDP and new homes data being described

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Oil price, Shell, Wood Group, FOGL, Pantheon, And finally…

WTI S45.94 +$2.74, Brent $49.05 +$2.24, Diff $3.11 -50c, NG $2.03 -6c Oil price A meaningful rally yesterday but not much red meat to get stuck into, the Fed kept rates on hold whilst not ruling out a hike in

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Oil price, Pantheon, Victoria Oil & Gas, Circle Oil, Sundry-Plexus-Afren- And finally…

WTI $43.20 -78c, Brent $46.81 -73c, Diff $3.61 +5c, NG $2.09 +3c Oil price The API stats came in late yesterday and although they showed a slightly bigger than expected rise of 4.1m barrels (F/c 3.4) there was a small

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Oil price, BP, Providence Resources, Sundry-Andes Energia-Well news- And finally…

WTI $43.98 -62c, Brent $47.54 -45c, Diff $3.56 +17c, NG $2.06 -22c Oil price Another drifty day for crude oil, the fundamentals say that we still have a glut and one that isnt going to change anytime soon. Analysts forecast

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Oil price, Trinity, Europa, Majors results, And finally…

WTI $44.60 -78c, Brent $47.99 -9c, Diff $3.39 +65c, NG $2.29 -10c Oil price Last week both WTI and Brent lost around $2.50 with crude stocks increasing and products holding their own. The strength of the greenback in the last

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Interactive Investor interview: Six exciting oils shares to watch

Half-a-dozen oil shares are causing a stir right now. Malcolm Graham-Wood explains why they could be massively undervalued, and how key events could be transformational for share prices.

Interactive Investor interview: Three tips for spotting oil survivors

Costs have been slashed and clever oil companies are offsetting rock-bottom crude prices. Malcolm Graham-Wood reveals three critical things to look for when buying oil shares.

Interactive Investor interview: Favourite oil shares named

Malcolm Graham-Wood reveals his best small-cap, mid-cap and major oil plays, and names a trio of others which come with a significant risk warning.

Interactive Investor interview: Why Odds of major oil sell-off are 50:50

There are green shoots for oil prices longer term, says Malcolm Graham-Wood, but major headwinds could spoil things in the meantime.

Oil price, Egdon/Europa, Nighthawk, And finally…

WTI $45.38 +18c, Brent $48.08 -23c, Diff $2.70 +5c, NG $2.39 -2c Oil price There were more positive tones in the oil markets yesterday but to be fair most of it was following slightly flaky data from China and the

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