WTI $49.59 -17c, Brent $59.54 -$3.04, Diff $9.95 -$2.87, NG $2.70 -4c

Oil price

Very quick blog this morning as I am off to see several companies today, particularly its the Falklands Capital markets Day which I will be reporting on tomorrow.

Brent took a bath yesterday as Libya announced that production had picked up sharply and it was now exporting over 400/- b/d, this is probably the case but I suspect it wont last. Also there were rumours swirling around that ground had been made in the Iran nuclear talks, again very cautiously optimistic for peace but Brent in particular came off.

Finally you know I watch US retail gasoline prices which got to a low of $2.04 per gallon a few weeks ago, last nights stats showed what I have been going on about firmness in product prices as the figure is now $2.47, up another 14.1 cents on the week.


Will add tomorrow on Tullow after yesterdays news from the Cote D’Ivoire and also Providence and Madagascar on todays news. On Madagascar I heard yesterday that the house broker has halved its target price, albeit to a much higher level than this.

And finally…

Huge game in the Prem tonight for the West Midlands as Villa take on the Baggies…

Ireland chasing 412 in the cricket

And I let off Scottish rugby yesterday after they lost at home to Italy…