WTI $48.68 -19c, Brent $56.29 -12c, Diff $7.61 +7c, NG $2.64 +1c

A flash blog this morning as I am off to a number of meetings, all the companies will be covered in more detail tomorrow as appropriate.

Things to watch for:

Today is deadline day for the Iran negotiations, apparently its on the desk of the Supreme Leader but dont rule out a rollover until the 30th June date which is when the framework deal is to be ratifies.

Wood Group announce extension of a big contract with Total in the UKCS.

Ithaca, a bucket list stock appears to be on track despite the delay in Stella as discussed at the Petrofac results.

Gulf Keystone raises $41m through an equity raise at 32p, I know I’m always too bullish but this must be a good piece of work, i’d like to see the placing list…

Caza have results which show that a really good operating performance has been hindered by the oil price causing covenant issues, more later and I hope to visit next month.

Northern has updated, Canada still has capacity of 500 b/d and Italy under way with Shell farm-out.

Last week I did a TipTV interview looking at VOG, BLVN, Faroe, Sound, Gulfsands and Hunting, watch it here


And finally England play a friendly in Turin tonight and apologies to all those Welsh fans, I merely forgot to add the 0-3 success in Italy….