Month: November 2014

Oil price, Opec and finally…

WTI $68.48 -$5.21, Brent $71.78 -$5.97, Diff $3.30 -76c, NG $4.20 -16c Oil price The oil price unsurprisingly fell after the Opec meeting concluded yesterday and has come down towards the level that I thought in yesterdays blog it should with

Interview on TipTV: Decision time on global markets ahead of OPEC decision

Malcolm Graham-Wood discusses Brent Oil, OPEC meeting, Caza, Sound Oil, Antrim Energy, Premier, Rockhopper, iGas, Parkmead and Hurricane! A blockbuster that is unmissable.

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Oil price, Opec the only game in town, And finally…

WTI $73.69 -40c, Brent $77.75 -58c, Diff $4.06 -18c, NG $4.36 -5c Oil price The oil price is in the wrong place that’s for sure as if the rumours from pre-Opec yesterday are to be believed then there will be

Oil price and Opec meeting, IGas, Sundry-BG-Trinity-Sona- And finally…

WTI $74.09 -$1.69, Brent $78.33 -$1.35, Diff $4.24 +34c, NG $4.28 +13c Oil price ‘Twas the night before Opec and of course the market is none the wiser… As predicted each day comes with another series of ‘meetings’ real or

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Malcolm Graham-Wood interview on IG: Oil could rise 10% if OPEC cuts production

Following a 30% drop in the price of Brent since June, OPEC’s meeting takes on even more importance. The founder of Hydrocarbon Capital expects a cut in production to 29mbd.

Oil price, Thallassa, Sundry-Antrim/Sound-Faroe. And finally…

WTI $75.78 -73c, Brent $79.68 -68c, Diff $3.90 +5c, NG $4.15 -11c Oil price Crude had a slightly weaker day yesterday as rumours inevitably swirled around the market place very much as expected. Also as expected, the talks between Iran

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Oil price, Petrofac, Plexus, Sundry-Ophir-Sound-Genel And finally…

WTI $76.51 +66c, Brent $80.36 +$1.03, Diff $3.85 +10c, NG $4.27 -22c Oil price Opec week dawns and the feature writers had a field day in the weekend papers, some writing better than others. Today sees the last day of

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Flash blog: Sound/Antrim

Sound Oil Sound Oil has announced their intention to launch a public offer for 100% of Antrim Energy Inc. This is a particularly interesting move, as without actually launching an offer, Sound has effectively ensured that Antrim shareholders get an

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Oil price, Ophir/Salamander, Parkmead, President, Sundry-Technip-Lansdowne, And finally…

WTI $75.58 +1.00, Brent $79.33 +$1.23, Diff $3.75 +23c, NG $4.49 +12c Oil price So, lets establish the rules for next week ahead of the Opec meeting shall we? Firstly as someone amusingly once said, in this fight there are

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Oil price, Ineos, Wood Group, Sundry-Tangiers- And finally…

WTI $74.58 -3c, Brent $78.10 -37c, Diff $3.52 -34c, NG $4.37 +13c Oil price Another quiet day at the office for oil traders, this time next week will be the Opec meeting and of course Thanksgiving Day. The Libyan Oil

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