Month: December 2013

Oil price and finally…

WTI $99.29 -$1.03, Brent $111.21 -97c, Differential $11.92 +8c, NG $4.43 +6c Oil price Oil prices eased off yesterday in unsurprisingly thin trade, on the year Brent was almost unchanged – again whilst WTI gained 8%. Physical was fine with

Oil price, BG, Trinity, Parkmead and Amerisur

WTI $100.32 +77c, Brent $112.18 +20c, Differential $11.86 -23c. NG $4.41 -3c Oil price A sharp rally late on Friday lifted WTI as the EIA inventory stats showed an unexpectedly high fall of 4.7m barrels of crude, analysts had expected

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Oil price, Tullow Oil, Northern Petroleum, And finally…

WTI $98.91 -41c, Brent $111.56 -21c, Differential $12.65 +20c, NG $4.46 +4c Oil price We arrive at Christmas with the oil price remarkably stable, although the year has, like most years provided big ups and downs. When I look at

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Oil price, Sound Oil, Gulfsands Petroleum

WTI $99.32 +28c, Brent $111.77 +1.48, Differential $12.75 +93c, NG $4.42 -4c A very good morning for the diehards who are still craving the few bits of news that we can find out there in the energy sector! I have

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Oil, Natural gas price, BG, Caza Oil & Gas, Namibia, BP/Serica and Ithaca

WTI $98.77 +97c, Brent $110.29 +66c, Differential $11.52 -31c, NG $4.46 +21c Oil price The oil price has reacted favourably to the FOMC moves to tickle down tapering and with some supply constraints, particularly from Libya and South Sudan adding

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Oil price, Centrica, BP, Wood Group, Rockhopper, Providence

  WTI $97.80 +58c, Brent $109.63 +1.19, Differential $11.83 -1.36, NG $4.25 -4c Oil price The easy answer is not much change after the taper tattle from the Fed, a combination of a modest reduction in purchases ($5bn less of

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Oil price, BP, Fastnet and Iofina

WTI $97.22 -26c, Brent $110.41 -6c, Differential $13.19 +20c, NG $4.29 +1c   Oil price Its beginning to feel a bit like Christmas although I haven’t been able to get any Christmas pictures up, the new system is proving to

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Oil price, CNPC, Longreach and finally…

WTI $97.48 +88c. Brent $110.47 +$1.64, Differential $12.99 +76c, NG $ 4.28 -7c Oil price Apart from the oil price its a low news day and you can tell its getting close to Christmas as the FT is getting very

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Oil price, American Energy Partners, BG, Gulf Keystone, Bowleven, Discover Exploration and Europa Oil & Gas

WTI $96.60 -90c, Brent $108.83 +16c, Differential $12.23 +1.06, NG $4.35 -6c ¬†Oil Price Fairly quiet ahead of the FOMC meeting tomorrow, unsurprisingly the Libyan rebels didn’t hand over the 3 oil ports as the Government had expected over the

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Oil price, Exxon, Centrica, Petroceltic, BG, Gulf Keystone, And finally…

WTI $97.50 +6c, Brent $108.67 -$1.03, Differential $11.17 -$1.09, NG $4.41 +7c   Oil price The mood in the states regarding tapering, or lack of it, is providing some concern to commodity markets at the moment although to be fair

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