WTI $107.23 -1.31, Brent $114.88 -66c , B/WTI Diff – $7.65 +62c , Natural Gas $3.67 n/c

Good morning

With G20 now under way and Barry changing his mind and attending personally in order to meet Putin and Hollande (but not Dave) news will come thick and fast.

Oil Price

It’s going to remain quiet and in the absence of news from Syria the market seems a bit lacklustre at the moment. Buyers have withdrawn from the market ahead of the next war story.

VSA Resources Quarterly

The resources quarterly is published this morning (normal rules apply, I can’t attach it but do ask and I should be able to send it).

In it we give a strategy update, including the natural resources sector performance year to date and an update on our 2013 predictions.

We have had a good look at M&A in the sectors using our SAM method, ie strategy, assets and management for valuation plus the addition of do-ability which makes a deal possible or might scupper a deal. Under this system we can score companies and ascertain whether they are predator or potentially prey.

Our targets are Ophir Energy, SOCO International, Kentz and Wood Group in the main board oils plus Gulf Keystone, Ithaca, Providence and Xcite on Aim.

We also have a number of stock and sector views in the Mining and Agri sectors.

We also update on our key picks over all the sectors and analyse a number of stocks as well as looking at commodity views and refresh our view on the predictions we made at the start of the year.

Finally we look at the VSA Global Agri index and all the companies we research in the other commodity areas.

We will be on the road with all the analysts in the sectors so expect a call!


The company last week announced a contract for a LeTourneau Super 1126E but failed to announce the client or the value, today it is revealed that the buyer is Great Eastern Shipping, of Mumbai part of the Singapore company Greatship. We stick with our view that the value of the order will be around $175m plus tips, taking it up to a possible $200m.

And finally…

Rafa only lost four games beating Tommy Robredo last night which is pretty galling for the rest of them and the form line through the Robredo/Federer game doesn’t look so clever now….

Wayne Rooney has posted a picture of his head injury on Facebook, no wonder he can’t play for England tomorrow night!! And Alan Hansen has announced his decision to retire after next year’s world cup, Hansen who played football for the HubCap Stealers a long time ago once said about Man U that ‘you can’t win anything with kids’. Those kids were Scholes,2 Neville’s, Butt and Beckham………………..Nuff said, they went on to win them all!