Month: May 2013

Oil/Natural gas/Coal, Caza, Petroceltic,and Mediterranean Oil & Gas

New stand at Headingley

WTI $94.42 +14c; Brent $102.13 +23c; Natural Gas $4.25+7c Good morning Oil/Natural gas/Coal The oil price enjoyed a very small rally yesterday but for a Thursday before the start-up of the driving season it was pretty feeble. So I have

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Iran, Wood Group, Genel/MOG, Plexus, Nighthawk, and Jacka Resources

WTI $94.14 -2.02; Brent $101.94 -1.51, Natural Gas $4.19 -1c Good morning Shorter blog today after yesterday’s marathon effort! Back to Iran and the elections I June, I’m not sure the market has yet to fully comprehend the potential magnitude

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Iran, Big Ben, Fed minutes, Shale, Power general Vitol, SSE and Alkane, Salamander, Lamprell, Kurdistan, and Agri monthly plug

WTI $96.16 -55c; Brent $103.44 -1.05, Natural Gas $4.20 +11c Good morning So, Rafsanjani and Mushaei have been banned from the elections in Iran so it’s all down to Jalili now, he’s the nuclear chief negotiator and still seen as

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Petrofac, Europa Oil, and Plexus Holdings

WTI $96.65 +64c; Brent $104.52 -12c, Natural Gas $4.10 +4c Good morning The EU probe into oil price fixing has moved to the trading houses but only as in asking for information and this comes as no surprise, as one

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Transocean, Chesapeake/Anadarko, BP, Salamander, Xcite, and Sefton

WTI $95.94 +78c; Brent $104.63 +71c ; Natural Gas $4.06 +13c Good morning In an interview with the FT this morning, Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Eni tends to see the oil price in a similar way as us, i.e. that

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BP crying wolf?, Hess, Worley Parsons, Lamprell, Kentz, Fortune

WTI $95.14 +84c; Brent $103.88 +35c ; Natural Gas $3.93 -14c Good morning The BP ‘we are running out of money’ story was a top item on the BBC last night as top man Rob Peston explained that BP was

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Iran, OilpricefixingGate, 14th onshore round announced, BP, Petrofac, SOCO, Afren, Premier, Heritage Oil, and Chariot

WTI $94.39 +18c; Brent $103.53 +1.21; Natural Gas $4.07 +5c Good morning Where do I start with so much going on and in the middle of a really good road show? Well firstly to apologise that an article yesterday was

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BG, BP/Shell, Wood, Cape, and Chariot

WTI $94.99 -1.05; Brent $102.31 -1.05; Natural Gas $3.93 +2c Good morning Another v short blog I’m afraid as we have a lot of things going on…. No great surprise to see the subject of Irish tax rates being discussed,

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Flash Blog: BG Group

Meeting still going on but this has been an exceptional performance by Chris Finlayson and team, strong definition of where the group is going and all key area’s addressed. E&P, LNG, Brazil and Australia will make this a difficult stock

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Kurdistan, and Afren

WTI $94.99 -1.05; Brent $102.31 -1.05; Natural Gas $3.93 +2c Good morning A short blog today as we are all out on the road a lot this week, also it’s the day of the BG strategy show which I will

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