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TipTV interview: Oil Bucket List for 2016

Malcolm Graham-Wood joined Nick Batsford, CEO of Tip TV, and Zak Mir, Technical Analyst for Zak’s Traders Cafe, on the Tip TV Finance Show to discuss the best oil stocks to watch for the year ahead. Topics Covered: Oil, PANR,

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IG Interview: The bucket list of ‘must have’ oil stocks

As the price of oil falls Malcolm Graham-Wood highlights the oil stocks that, he says, are best placed to weather the current storm and produce the best returns when the oil price rises.

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Oilprice, Rockhopper, And finally…

WTI $43.87 -42c, Brent $47.19 -23c, Diff $3.22 +9c, NG $2.30 -7c Oil price Traders reported a quiet day in the market waiting for reports from the main agencies this week. The EIA popped up with a forecast that US

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Oil price, Shell, Wood Group, FOGL, Pantheon, And finally…

WTI S45.94 +$2.74, Brent $49.05 +$2.24, Diff $3.11 -50c, NG $2.03 -6c Oil price A meaningful rally yesterday but not much red meat to get stuck into, the Fed kept rates on hold whilst not ruling out a hike in

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Oil price, Shell, Amerisur, Bowleven, Ithaca, Rockhopper,President, And finally…

WTI $45.70 +79c, Brent $48.60 +43c, Diff $2.90 -36c, NG $2.56 -3c Oil price With a small rise on Friday both WTI and Brent were able to show gains on the week albeit fairly sparse,  68 cents for the former

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Oil price, Rockhopper/FOGL and finally…

WTI $44.91 +43c, Brent $48.17 +42c, Diff $£.26 -1c, NG $2.59 +2c Oil price Oil prices remained calm which is more than one can say about some equity markets yesterday and appear to be ending the week on a settled

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Oil price, Faroe, Circle Oil + catch up on Rockhopper-Nostrum/Tethys- And finally…

WTI $47.15 +$2.56, Brent $49.75 +$3.12, Diff $2.60 +54c, NG $2.66 -7c Oil price Having been away on company visits for a couple of days and written no blogs I return to find the oil market in a slightly cheerier

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Oil price, Eni, Faroe, Falcon, Tethys, Rockhopper, Sundry-Trinity-Petroceltic-Range- And finally…

WTI $49.20 +$3.98, Brent $54.15 +$4.10, Diff $4.95 +12c, NG $2.69 -3c Oil price With WTI rising by 8.8% and Brent by 8.2% yesterday, the rise from last Wednesdays $39 and $43 plus change has been nearly 30% in less

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Oil price, Rockhopper, Sound Energy, Afren, Tethys, Sundry-Onshore round-Kurdistan- And finally…

WTI $43.87 -79c, Brent $48.61 -91c, Diff $4.74 -12c, NG $2.80 -1c Oil price The oil price continues to make no headway against a tide of bad news that includes the Chinese trade stats, a strong dollar post the NFP numbers

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Oil price, Sefton, Europa, Bucket list update on TipTV, And finally…

WTI $59.97 +45c, Brent $62.63 +2c, Diff $2.66 -43c, NG $2.89 +1c Oil price I have avoided much talk of Greece in the blog up until now as apart from the sheer tedium of the process I havent seen it

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