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Saffron/Coro, Range Resources, Genel Energy, SDX Energy

Saffron/Coro- James Menzies joins the Holy Trinity… Saffron has announced today that James Menzies is to join as CEO with effect from the first of May. James was founder of Salamander Energy, later taken over by Ophir Energy in a

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Oil price, Hurricane, Genel, Faroe, Link And finally…

WTI $59.19 -10c, Brent $62.72+13c, Diff -$3.53 +23c, NG $2.59 +4c Oil price If only the Vampire squids had known how their 2018 oil price forecasts would have affected the market they might have been able to make a good

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Oil price, Genel, Prospex Oil & Gas/Po Valley And finally…

WTI $63.95 -2c, Brent $69.31 -7c, Diff -$5.36 -5c, NG $3.19 -4c Oil price Conflicting news yesterday which has knocked oil prices a modest amount today. The Opec report was mainly positive and although they said that higher oil prices

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Oil price, VOG, Sound, Cabot, Hurricane, Savannah Petroleum, BPC, Wentworth, Sundry-SDX-Genel And finally…

WTI $57.46 +30c, Brent $63.80 +39c, Diff -$6.34 +9c, NG $2.69 -5c Oil price As the market quiets down ahead of the holiday a couple of bullish factors emerge, on the geopolitical front the stakes are rising in the Yemen

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Oil price, Hurricane, SDX Energy, Pantheon, Genel, Premier And finally…

WTI $57.36 +67c, Brent $63.40 +$1.20, Diff -$6.04 +53c, NG $2.77 +1c Oil price Even with a decent bounce on Friday the week ended on a downward note, WTI lost $1 and Brent 33c as geopolitics wrestled with inventory oddities

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Oil price, Savannah Petroleum, Upland Resources, Link And finally…

WTI $57.47 -89c, Brent $62.45 -$1.28, Diff -$4.98 -39c, NG $2.98 -8c Oil price Yesterday was a little bit like the day after the Lord Mayor’s Show, after the Opec meeting and the rollover of the agreement there was a

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VOX Markets podcast: Malcy on Sound Energy, Range Resources, Victoria Oil & Gas, Reabold Resources, Upland Resources, Genel Energy

Malcy talks about the following stocks: Sound Energy #SOU, Range Resources #RRL, Victoria Oil & Gas #VOG Reabold Resources #RBD, Upland Resources #UPL and Genel Energy #GENL

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Oil price, Hurricane Energy, Genel Energy, Victoria Oil & Gas, Aminex And finally…

WTI $56.81 -39c, Brent $63.49 -20c, Diff -$6.68 +19c, NG $3.17 +2c Oil price As one might have expected the oil price has consolidated at these higher levels. The API stats were not as good as expected and last night’s

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Oil price, Cairn/Far, Savannah, Sundry-Premier-Genel-Eco Atlantic-And finally…

WTI $51.84 +33c, Brent $57.75 +52c, Diff -$6.28 +56c, NG $2.91 +4c Oil price The blog comes to you this week from Africa Oil Week in Cape Town, the plan is to watch the presentations and hopefully chat with the

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Oil price, Amerisur, Genel, Plexus, Links And finally…

WTI $52.04 +16c, Brent $58.15 +27c, Diff -$6.11 +11c, NG $2.85 -11c Oil price Onward and sedately upwards, the oil market takes note of the near 400/- b/d closed in from Kurdistan although not panicking as surely some agreement will

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