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WTI $47.07 +$1.03, Brent $49.68 +90c, Diff -$2.61 -12c, NG $2.95 -8c Oil price Nearly 15% up from the June lows and the oil price continues its bull run although I suspect that with some closing pre the Independence Day

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Oil price, Amerisur, President, Echo/Rockhopper, Sound, Sundry-EOG-Trinity- And finally…

WTI $45.83 +19c, Brent $48.15 +29c, Diff -$2.32 +10c, NG $3.04 +1c Oilprice A poor week for oil as well documented supply issues took the best part of 4% off the prices. Friday recovered slightly as Nigeria suffered a pipeline

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Oil price, Lamprell, SDX, Amerisur, Echo Energy, Sundry-IGas-Faroe-EOG-Petrofac-Touchstone- And finally…

WTI $49.66 -14c, Brent (August) $52.24 -40c, Diff -$2.58 +23c, NG $3.14 -16c Oil price Watching from afar it looked like that all sorts of panic was around in the oil market during and after the Opec meeting but prices

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Oil price, Hurricane, Savannah, Europa, Amerisur, Kosmos/BP, And finally…

WTI $46.23 +70c, Brent $49.10 +72c, Diff -$2.88 -18c, NG $3.27 +8c Oil price That was the week that was, even after the rally on Friday, both WTI and Brent were down the best part of three bucks on the

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Oil price, Egdon/Europa/Union Jack, Trinity Exploration & Production, Range Resources, Sundry- Amerisur-Ascent Resources- And finally…

WTI $47.66 -$1.18, Brent $50.46  -$1.06, Diff -$2.80 -2c, NG $3.19 -2c Oil price The conflicting pressures on the crude price at the moment remind me of the rhyme, Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, Grace is a

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Oil price, Trinity, Sundry-VOG-FOG-EOG-NOP-Gulfsands- And finally…

WTI $49.62 +6c, Brent $51.82 -28c, Diff -$2.20 -34c, NG $3.14 +10c Oil price A very mixed market at the moment as shown by movements yesterday. Do they ever learn is the watchword as yet again the teenage scribblers on

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Oil price, Cairn, Sound Energy, Providence, Sundry-EOG-Aminex-Northern Petroleum- And finally…

WTI $53.14 -6c, Brent $55.92 -9c, Diff -$2.78 -3c, NG $2.82 -8c Oil price Still not much going on, the Saudi Oil Minister said that he sees the oil market ‘improving’ but then he would, wouldn’t he? The market is

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Oil price, Ithaca Energy, Aminex/Solo, Europa/Angus, Velocys, And finally…

WTI $53.83 +29c, Brent $56.81 +25c, Diff -$2.98 -4c, NG $3.07 +2c Oil price Marginally up last week but creeping in the right direction aided by the Iranians doing a missile test that was probably ill advised for such a

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TipTV CEO interview: Hugh Mackay, Europa Oil & Gas

Europa Oil & Gas CEO Hugh Mackay updates Tip TV viewers about Europa’s markets of offshore Ireland and onshore UK. “The company is financed for 2017” says Mackay and adds that the focus in 2017 is to bring Wressle on

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WTI $49.77 -$1.16, Brent $53.00 -93c, Diff -$3.23 +23c, NG $3.60 -3c Oil price Crude oil has drifted back in the last couple of days, production is obstinately high, reports yesterday that Opec output in November was up to 34.2m

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